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What We Stand For

Hello and welcome to our website!  If you are a Caucasian anywhere in the world this organisation was set up to help you.  We are a community based group set up to cater to all your needs, including social, networking, relationships as well as education and learning.  

We represent European (white) people anywhere in the world. We also represent people who are the same or similar to Europeans in the Middle East, Western Asia, Northern India or North Africa.  These regional groups as a whole are more generally defined racially as Caucasian.  

Even though our organisation is fighting and helping Caucasian people, we wish to help all racial groups on the planet through our affiliations with other organisations and groups.

Core Issues Championed by The Coveners League
Fighting for Human Rights and our families
Keeping our lands safe, including our homelands in Europe and the Middle East
Combating Genocide, Interracial Marriage and Increasing the birth rate
Taking a political stance against anti-Semitism, Racism, Nazism, Globalism and Extremism

  • We campaign to educate Europeans on their indigenous homeland, Europe.  It's important for all Europeans to be aware of the threat to our homeland via third world immigration which is rapidly taking over Europe today.
  • Immigration is used as a weapon to destroy the indigenous (homogenous) populations.  We are opposed to this and promote that all people have the right to an indigenous homeland free from invasion as decreed by the United Nations Genocide Indigenous laws because everyone has the right no matter what colour, creed or race to have self determination.
  • European have lost their rights worldwide.  We aim to represent them through our organisation and network of activist groups. We aim to develop or work with national and international legal organisations to fight for our rights along with the rights of all individuals on  this planet.
  • The European birth rate is crashing worldwide.  In Russia the population drops by 1 million every 10 years.  In Germany the population drops 100,000 annually and this is true for many other European countries.  If we don't stop this and reverse it, we will be in very serious trouble.  We aim to help support families and increase the birth rate.
  • There is a high suicide rate amongst returned servicemen in the United States and about 22 commit suicide every day.  We believe these figures are also similar in other countries and our aim is to reduce the suicide rate.
  • Interracial marriage is very high - approximately 10% in the United States.  One of the aims of this organisation is to reverse this trend and if we don't stop this we will vanish incredibly quickly when coupled with low birth rates.  Mixed relationships do not produce Europeans, and when they grow up they do not represent us either.
  • Marriage breakdown is currently sitting around 50% we plan to promote good attitudes for happy marriages in order to reduce this.
  • The current school attendance model has children in classrooms for many more years than prior generations however the lessons learnt have vastly reduced.  We plan on enriching the education to Caucasian children by running camps and activities which will teach practical life skills and increase pride in their culture and heritage.
  • There are many conflicts going on worldwide among all racial groups and also with Caucasians and we aim to reduce or stop conflict wherever possible.
  • Much of the food we eat these days is modified food (GMO) which is not good for our health and we campaign to educate people and campaign to promote more natural clean eating to increase health.
  • Vaccines have done much good over the years but there are now signs that vaccines include contaminants or added substance which can cause cancers, dyslexia and other issues that people are not aware of.  We campaign to increase quality of vaccines and to educate people on the risks and benefits of vaccines as well as the freedom of choice over whether or not to vaccinate.
  • We are a national and international organisation that will operate in every country where there are European and Arab Caucasians, so if you travel from one country to another we hope to have a branch for you to join.  We get involved in many different activities in different countries including sending volunteers to help with elections and disaster relief.
  • We wish for the organisation branches to have the ability to collect donations of physical goods so we can pass these items on to those in need.
  • We do leadership training for all adults and children so they can become successful leaders of the future.
  • Promoting free enterprise among our members from advice on share trading and services, community farms to selling water filters or books etc.
  • We want to find or set up an organisation to represent Afrikaners which would be for all Europeans who live in Africa, South Africa and worldwide including former Rhodesians and Borers.
  • If you have a cultural group which you believe would be a good fit with our organisation, please do contact us so we can start talks.
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