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Dismantle the World Health Organization(WHO)


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It is time to dismantle the World Health Organization


The WHO and those in charge of public health, the virologists and the pharmaceutical laboratories…. created a whole system around the imminence of a pandemic. There is a lot of money at stake, as well as networks of influence, careers and whole institutions! And the minute one of the flu viruses mutates we’d see the whole machine roll into action.

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Last year, GreatGameIndia published a report asking our readers – Should WHO be dismantled? In this report Richard Gale & Gary Null PhD of the Progressive Radio Network follows up on the commentary.

The ultimate international authority for infectious diseases is the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to its widespread acceptance by the world’s national governments, it has been extremely successful in assuming the helm to monitor regional and global infectious diseases and dictate medical intervention policies to international health agencies.

The organization has become the final word to rule whether the spread of a serious pathogen is a pandemic or not. For the majority of the medical community, the media and the average person, the WHO is the front line command post for medical prevention (i.e., vaccination) and treatment.






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