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The Fabian Society

Fabian Glass WindowThe Fabian Society working in conjunction with the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations has duped the Australian and British public and well and truly sold "We the People" into the system of the corrupt international banking cartel.  The Fabians work with many well-known politicians and organizations, media and political parties in Britain, Australia, Canada, United States and also in European continent countries.

The Fabian Society is socialist in nature and is a secretive movement whose purpose is to destroy all racial and cultural identities, all national countries and end democracy using the principles of democratic socialism and gradualism with the ultimate aim of Communism.  Communism is the total dictatorship and killing people needlessly.  All members agreed to their long-term agenda which believes that Socialism can best be achieved through slow, gradual introduction of reform ideas. They use the technique called 'gradualism' is well known and has been proven most successful, showing that if change happens slowly enough the majority of people accept the new reality as normal.

The society aims for total control of both political agenda as well as most aspects of society, including education, culture, economy, law, medicine and religion. This total control of society is very premeditated and has been happening since its inception.  An example is George Bernard Shaw who detailed the aims of education reform back in 1889, by saying Fabian's would have “control over the whole educational system, from the elementary school to the University, and over all educational endowments”

They have been most successful in accomplishing their aims and they have done this through a large range of interconnected groups for each area.

The membership of the Fabian Society is predominantly made up of Socialist, Communist, and works with  anti-Semitic Zionists, traitor gentiles,  false Jews ( Globalists ) who are using Gentiles and True Jews to advance their aims and the  false Jewish Zionist bankers have strong ties to this society, funding and running it from behind the scenes.

Symbols of The Fabian Society

Official Crest and The Fabian Tortoise  Fabian Tortoise

The Fabian Society's original emblem was a shield with a wolf in sheep’s skin holding a flag with the letters F.S. Today the international symbol of the Fabian Society is a tortoise, with the motto: “When I strike, I strike hard.”  The Fabian Tortoise is a symbol of the Fabians and represents its goal of gradual expansion of socialism and communism.

The Fabian WindowThe Fabian Window Above

Pictured above shows the Fabian Window, designed by George Bernard Shaw in 1910 which represents change.  On the right-hand pane, there is a wolf in a sheep’s skin, which represents gradual change by deceit and cunning while the anti-Semitic Zionists and false Jews with the hammers (which represent Communism) are moulding the world and rewriting factually correct history with false history. They are orchestrating the destruction of all countries while the destruction of racial groups through inter-racial marriages. The bottom pane represents people believing in the rewritten, false history and worships only one religion because all other religions will be abolished. There will be no Islam, no Christianity, no Hinduism etc.

What The Fabian Society Promotes

  • Mass immigration into countries to destroy their identity.
  • The implementation of legislation on racially aggravated offenses in crime and disorder. There are race laws which are designed to silence the indigenous or the majority of people while the country is destroyed by massive immigration.
  • Destruction of the family.
  • The Provision of alcohol and drinking.
  • Promotion of same-sex marriages.                                           
  • Promotion of sex education in schools.
  • Replacing common sense and reasoning with political correctness.
  • The dumbing down of the media.
  • The dumbing down of teachers and the education system.
  • To condition children not to respect their parents.
  • To destroy factually correct history and replace it with re-written history.
  • People are just animals and they can be killed like animals with no remorse.
  • People who are useless should be killed.
  • Destroy all nation states and remove their boundaries.
  • To create the New World Order.
  • Setting up and promoting the United Nations.
  • To obtain control of the banking system.
  • To create confusion in people's minds.
  • To create hatred between Europeans, Jews, and Negroes.
  • To promote inter-racial marriages.
  • Promote wars which will lead to the New World Order.
  • Destroy Christianity, Islam and all the other religions and bring them together to one religion based on Fabian ideas of what religion should be.
  • "To control, the people must first be made compliant." This causes a loss of identity and a gradual demoralization of the people's will.
  • To have people financially dependent upon government by making sure that some form of hand out is needed for their survival.

List of Fabian 'Achievements'

  • Fabians are behind the destruction of the Western countries and the control of Third world countries, i.e. colonial rule by Britain, France and Netherlands etc.
  • Fabians are behind the opening of the borders to allow immigration to Britain, the United States (1965) and the abolition of the White Australia Policy.
  • They are involved in replacing common sense reasoning with non common sense thinking.
  • They have been somewhat successful with common core education whose aim is to dumb people down.
  • They are involved with moving farmers off the land, especially true in the United States where they are trying to turn the land back into Wilderness (California Ranchers).
  • Out of the Fabian Society came the British Labour Party, the London School of Economics, and the International Court of Justice at the Hague," (Quote from the video below 'The Fabian Society exposed: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing').

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Fabian-Australian Connection

The Fabian Society is strongly enmeshed within the Australian nation. The Labour Party within Australia is puppeteered largely by the Society and many social policies have been of their making.  An example of their involvement in Australian politics relates to the creation of a Carbon Tax which would  have to increase the cost of electricity to everybody and was later fully abolished under the Abbott government.  Australia has huge amounts of coal which are used to fuel power stations to create cheap electricity in order to run industry, shops, and homes.

If the carbon tax had gone ahead it would have added extra cost to industry, forcing them to compete with other countries who are also using coal to produce cheap electricity.  Australian industry would have found it harder to compete on the international market which would have ultimately assisted the Fabian agenda for nation-state destruction.

The RestoreAustralia/CIRNow Website below provides a revealing look at the Fabians in Australia.  

Fabians – The Destroyers

Australian Fabian Society
This page from Wikipedia lists a number of notable Australian Fabian Society members, including past Labour Party Prime Ministers and others. 

Fabian-City of London Corporation Connection

The City of London in England is The City of London Corporation is made up of freemasons, private, independent, sovereign state entities that occupy 1.2-square miles within the heart of London. The area is located within the ancient Roman walls of London.

In the last century, the City of London with the cooperation of the Fabian Society and banking families financed the communist takeover of Russia. The Jewish communist Trotsky’s biography refers to some of the loans from these British financiers going back as far as 1907.

The City of London corporation status in Britain stems from a simple ingenious product that they continue to successfully sell over the centuries. The sovereigns and governments in desperation have sought out financial loans, and in exchange, the city has extracted privileges and freedoms from rules and laws to which the rest of Britain must submit.

The City of London Corporation is now a tax haven that does nothing but continue to ensure that the rich and powerful stay rich at expense of all others:

“what they sell is escape: from the laws, rules and taxes of jurisdictions elsewhere, usually with secrecy as their prime offerings.”

New Statesman - the tax haven in the heart of Britain

The Fabian-Rothschild Connection

Rothschild and Clintons

There is much evidence to suggest that both Karl Marx (Jewish) and the Fabian Society were funded primarily by those with strong industrial and financial interests and that this was organized and connected via the Manchester School and its head Harold Cox, who was both a member of the Fabian Society and editor of the quarterly Edinburgh Review.

The Manchester School had a powerful benefactor in the Rothschild(Jewish) banking family who was deeply enmeshed in media, industry, and finance and had strong ties with the city of Manchester where Nathan Meyer the patriarch of the family started his textile trades.

The Rothschild family and the Fabian Society had representatives in many organizations along with Lord Arthur Balfour who was considered a go-between for the two. Some groups included the Anglo-American League, Pilgrims Society, Imperial College and League of Nations. Lord Rothschild was also personally involved with the structuring and funding of the Fabians' London School of Economics. This continues on to modern times where you can connect the dots on their involvement in more recent organizations such as Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, where Sir Evelyn de Rothschild serves on the advisory board.

The Fabian-Rockefeller Connection

There is also a strong connection between the Rockefellers (pictured left) and the Fabian Society which started with David Rockefeller's thesis on Fabian Socialism at Harvard.  He then went on to study economics at the Fabian Society's London School of Economics.

In the 1920s and 30s, the Rockefeller Foundation had given millions of dollars to the London School of Economics. They also funded and were responsible for designing America's post-war foreign policies. A large part of the policy that they ensured was a 13 billion Marshall Aid fund for Europe's Socialist governments including the Fabian Socialists Labour government who at the time was Prime Minister Clement Attlee, who was connected to the New Fabian Research Bureau.

The last Rockefeller connection was the bankrolling of many Fabian projects through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) established in 1944 with the World Bank. Here are just some examples of loans that the IMF has provided to Labour/Fabian governments:  David Rockefeller

•  $250 million to the Attlee Government in 1947

•  $1 billion to the Wilson Government in 1969

•  $4 billion to the second Wilson Government in 1976

It is important to realize that this funding still continues today through entities such as the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, European Commission and EU-wide operations such as European Parliament.

The Spider Web of Fabian Organizations

Fabians wholeheartedly believe that "the end justifies the means."  These are just some of their key organizations which have both direct and indirect influence on public policies.

  • The Royal Economic Society (RES).
  • The London School of Economics (LSE.
  • Imperial College London.
  • Chatham House (the Fabian Society in London).
  • The National Union of Students (NUS).
  • National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).
  • Oxfam.
  • London Business School (LBS).
  • The university of London.
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).
  • Social Science Research Council (SSRC).
  • The John Smith Memorial Fund (JSMF).
  • The Runnymede Trust.
  • Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).
  • The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).
  • Progress.
  • The Smith Institute.
  • Policy Network.
  • The Creative Diversity Network (CDN).
  • Policy Exchange.
  • Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).
  • British Future.
  • Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).
  • UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Many of the agendas and activities of these organizations are controlled without the knowledge or approval of the general public. One could argue that it often is in direct opposition to what the people want. It's important to highlight their suspect use of charity organizations in their schemes to utilize and exploit the public's generosity for their political agenda.

Immigration, Race, and Multiculturalism

Upon its creation, the Fabian society was quite anti-immigration with most advice being to restrict immigration completely.  Over time this policy has completely back flipped and policies, since the 1950s have been pro-immigration, open borders and race discrimination, has changed to being in favor of ethnic minorities.

They were largely responsible for the Race Relations Act of 1965 and they successfully established the Community Relations Commission and Commission of Racial Equality in the 70s which had strong enforcement powers. During the Blair-Brown British government in 1997–2010 the Fabian puppeteered politicians finally introducing huge sweeping changes of pro-immigrant policies that encouraged and facilitated mass immigration for the express purpose of altering British society.

Fabian publications were released over the last two decades with titles such as, "The Great Rebalancing: How to fix the broken economy (2013), which promotes the idea that “immigration is central to our growth strategy.”

This idea of 'economic growth' whether it is actually real or perpetuated to promote fear within the public is not their only factor for changing immigration policies. In the early 2000s the documents from Labour government state; that the policy was to “maximize the Government’s economic and social objectives.

George Bernard Shaw

Leadership within the Society has always advocated the destruction of Western culture, especially British culture where they originated. George Bernard Shaw who was very vocal with his thoughts and a famous Fabian thought that it was 'good statesmanship' to destroy all cathedrals, art, and historical monuments in order to wipe the slate clean. Bernard Shaw, the writer of many articles for the Fabian Society is possibly one of the best examples of their Socialist agenda. George Bernard (pictured right) Shaw described Lenin as “The greatest Fabian of them all."  Lenin was involved in the Bolshevik Revolution which overthrew the Russian Tzar and his family, gained control of Russia and started to remove people's rights; for example the removal of guns and free speech.  As a result, people were sent to concentration camps (Gulags) and starved to death.  This is the Fabian way – Millions died.

George Bernard Shaw copy wants to kill people.

George Bernard Shaw says to abolish the Constitution

George Bernard Shaw defends Hitler, Mass Murder

In the 50s, there was a strong push to change British culture and they promoted  African-American jazz and followed this up with reggae in the 60s and 70s. More recently there has been an influx of music styles such as hip-hop and rap and these African-American tunes are now dominant in the Western world completely replacing European culture and music. This introduction was funded by the Congress for Cultural Freedom which was tied with both the Rockefeller and Ford foundations.

As growing numbers of immigrants entered Britain, now including Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants resist attempts at assimilation to British culture, the idea of multiculturalism has been pushed onto the indigenous Europeans.

This idea of multiculturalism is simply a form of forced integration that ensures that over generations European culture is completely annihilated. Done in this slow moving reformist agenda is the strategic genius and today the majority of people living in Britain and Europe fully invest in the idea of multiculturalism and destruction is assured because they reject their own culture and identity without a second thought. State-imposed cultural diversity, better known as “multiculturalism,” has now become the established policy of all Fabian-Labour governments.

One needs to consider that if you destroy an entire nation's cultural identity by forcibly transforming the indigenous populations ethnic and racial composition, you need to start thinking very carefully about the accepted definition of genocide. In current times many political commentators have pointed out the alarming and highly aggressive discrimination against England's indigenous population. It has been described as 'progressive genocidal' and also by Tony Shell as "genocidal population change."

The enforcement of multiculturalism through mass immigration has never been and never will be something that represents the best interests or the needs of the British people. It is evident if you go back and look at the very foundation of The Fabian Society and those who are connected to and fund their projects are the wealthy Globalist and bankers.

Frankfurt School


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