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Facebook, Privacy & The Internet

Screenshot 5facebookIn 2015, Internet pioneer Matt Drudge warned that the establishment would try to ban links to news stories without paid permission from the site – and now the EU’s proposed Article 11 could do just that.

: EU ‘Link Ban’ Could Kill Drudge Report, Internet Freedom

The Biggest Threat To The Internet As We Know It | Article 13

EXCLUSIVE: Diamond and Silk Unload on Congress, Critics & Purveyors of Fake News

Mark Zuckerberg – Jewish Facebook Founder.

What is less known is that your computer keeps a log of all of its performed actions in the code including what you wrote on Facebook when and where, even after you have deleted your Facebook account.

Do not place personal information on Facebook, no photos, no travel dates to other countries, because it could be used by the CIA and other organizations against you.  No way would Facebook actually delete your data because it is not yours anymore.  The terms & conditions of the service make that very clear, so whether you make all your details on Facebook to be private or not, Facebook can view everything about you.

Facebook Portfolio

YouTube Censorship We The People

Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Youtube Censorship

Mark Zuckerberg Caugh In Massive Lie" I Would Never Sell User Data"

Mark Zuckerberg Caught In Massive Lie, "I Would Never Sell User Data"

CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

Tommy Robinson Twitter Account Removed Forever Twitter Removed Me Forever38,400 views

GOOGLE'S YOUTUBE teaming up with SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER to stop free speechScreenshot 1facebook prison

CNN Pushes YouTube to Ban Alex Jones, Demonetize Video Channe

Israeli Legislators:  Facebook Has ‘Blood’ On Its Hands

Facebook Causes and Connections:  The Jewish Internet Defense Force and FREE Mordechai Vanunu

Facebook urged to tighten privacy settings after harvest of user data

Facebook bows to pressure on privacy settings for new users

Facebook data case raises US national security issues

Facebook paid $15,000 to close a bug that could unlock any user's account

Researcher Finds 'Shocking' Instagram Flaws And Ends Up In A Fight With Facebook

The 3 Biggest Facebook Security Lapses

Facebook alerting users to security issues from “state-sponsored” attackers

Facebook:  Please fix this security loophole before it’s too late

Facebook Faces More Potential Privacy-Related Legal Issues in EU

Top Data Privacy Issues To Scare You In 2016

YouTube's New Censorship Will Creep You Out

Facebook Bans Infowars From Livestreaming Videos

Why Is This Man The Most Banned Person On The Internet?

All Facebook Users Must Know THIS Secret

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