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Laura Loomer Is Suing Rashida Tlaib For Assault

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Laura Loomer (Jewish) is Suing Rashida Tlaib for Assault-with Special Guests Laura Loomer & Larry Klayman (Jewish).

Laura Loomer is Suing Rashida Tlaib for Assault – with Special Guests Laura L

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I love Laura Loomer and I’m glad she’s going after these thugs. Left Jews also if not more so attack White European peoples here in the USA as well as throughout Europe, Canada and Australia. I’m always hearing Jews on the Right advocating for their Rights to Israel. I never hear Jewish peoples on the Right or Left advocating for the indigenous European peoples of Europe and their Right to exist. indigenous Europeans are literally being ethnically cleansed within their own Homeland and not a peep. Europeans are also being by legal definition, ethnically cleansed in the Nations beyond Europe in the USA, South Africa, Canada and Australia. None of these Nations ever asked for what is happening anymore than Israel would ask for the same. You can’t advocate for Israel as a Jewish Homeland while simultaneously refusing to do the same for White Europeans. I support the Jewish State of Israel however admittedly becoming uncomfortably frustrated in the lack of reciprocity. ??


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