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The White Genocide Project, a civil rights movement, are campaigning against the genocide of European Caucasians worldwide.  They need your support helping them by sending information or photo's of discrimination so they can inform the public, and promote their website.


The third world migrants who are invading Europe, many of them Muslims, are not well educated and do not understand the meaning of free speech, yet they have brought their ideas to Europe.  These migrants have been conditioned to think that one cannot criticize Islam and anyone who does need to be killed.  They come from countries where revolutions are commonplace.  Europe, which has had little violence for a long time, is now becoming plagued with the new 'norm', i.e. violence, equating to violence against white European men and women rape, terrorist attacks, the restriction of free speech and the destruction of European culture and history

The organization called the International Organization for Migration, which like many of these organizations operates from Britain still wants to increase third- world invasion into Europe.  This is to complete the destruction of Europeans and their culture and true Christianity.  The other organizations involved are the United Nations and the Israeli Government, with both of them financing and supporting the invasion of Europe. 

The sad news is that Europeans have not developed community-based organizations and do not have European Anti-Defamation League to represent themselves in national and international courts for their rights.  Many do not know about their indigenous rights where they could fight for self-determination.  We advise you to support the White Genocide Project and recommend our website to your friends with the aim to teach people about Nationalisms, i.e. fighting for your own European culture and rights.  Please also read our article 'Eugenics: Genocide Whites & all Races.'

We repeat that the United Nations is breaking its own laws by flooding Europe with third world migrants and endorsing the persecution of Europeans who are against it.  All of this leads to white genocide. 

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ebbarefugees welcome and ebba

Ebba akerlund, victim of the Stockholm terror attack

The Western media dictatorship is promoting genocide of all the different racial groups worldwide including Europeans.  We wanted to promote this subject of Fighting Genocide by placing the story in the section on the top slider of our Homepage, in the hope that people will notice its importance.  This anti-genocide civil rights group on this website is one of a number of websites we will promote the active fight worldwide against the genocide of Europeans.  We encourage people to have a look and get involved.  May we make some suggestions which we feel would be more effective to the people who operate this resource with the following suggestions:

Increase the effectiveness of your campaign against genocide by fighting for all people on this planet, because Globalists and Communists want to destroy Europeans and their culture, they also wish to destroy every racial group on earth.  This is not just a fight for Europeans any longer.  We see the destruction of the Arab Caucasians in the Middle East through war and terrorism, and if you look at some of the Asian countries, they too, are becoming very multicultural and multiracial. 

China now has a growing African population with between 30-40% increase in immigration each year in the city of Guangzhou.  They now have so many Africans living there, it has an area within it which is better known as "chocolate city."  Some Africans have an operation where they purchase goods in China and sell them back in Africa at a profit;  The Chinese government does not freely give out information about the number of foreigners living in their country and the 2011 census estimates that Africans living in China is approximately 600,000.  More up to date population of Africans in Guangzhou, go Here.

The Chinese population is increasing in Africa currently, and is estimated at about two million are in Angola alone.   Japan has also increased their immigration levels of Africans, Vietnamese and Sri Lankans who are now living in Japan and working in a number of jobs.

Most Asian countries have a very low birth rate - Japan, for example, is 1.4 per children couple.  So you need to consider that the Asian immigration policies are effectively 50 years behind most Western countries.  In another 50-60 years, they will find themselves in a similar position to what we are in today.

diversity is code word for white genocide

 New World Order promotes genocide against Palestinians, Europeans, Kurds, Syrians and Iraq just to name a few.  When the communists took over Russia, they killed

many Cossacks and also moved Muslims into Cossack lands which today still create conflicts between the two groups.




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