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Australians know Your Rights


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 Police have no right to stop you unless you have committed a crime

  POLICE POWERS – Our Rights and Responsibilities



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Police powers are defined by rules and regulations

Police powers are defined by rules and regulations



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Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia

Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia



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Number of My Will Letters downloaded:


Number of My Will Letters downloaded:1547 Downloads




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Challenging the Authority of the Court

Challenging the Jurisdiction of the Court




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 How you can win any court case brought against you for not paying a fine

How to Win in Court





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Agenda 21 decreed that the government took away our right to collect rainwater and store it in water tanks. Now the government imposes a licencing fee to collect free rainwater!



Killing White Europeans 

The whites in South Africa was once the majority population and at the turn of the 1900 century the leaders open the boarders  to black immigration and soon the black population became the majority and the whites now have no country. What we see happening in South African will soon be happening in Australia when the population become much less white.

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WARNING GRAPHIC: Shocking TORTURE of WHITE African Farmers



 Revolution is the act to change the form of government.

  Treason & Treachery Defined



Commonwealth Documents

Commonwealth Documents Available Here:

If you need to refer to any Commonwealth document this website is the place to go.


Want to know how the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 came about? Do you need a copy of the original Constitution? Need to know what the White Australia Policy was about?

You will find it all here….

Commonwealth Documents:

Click here to visit the Documenting Democracy website.

The picture above shows the men who helped Found the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901.

















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