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This webpage is to ensure our readers have access to good quality alternative news sites, blogs and diaries.  This helps individuals stay educated and also exposes the Globalist mainstream media for the outrageous one sided bias that it commonly respresents.  It is important to find news sources that represent "We the People", citizens of the world

For other links that you might find interesting, ranging for opinion pieces, blogs, causes and culture click here.

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New Observer Online LogoNew Observer Online
A news site without the spin of the controlled media.

Info Wars Alex Jones Info Wars

Next News Network Next News Network

Wads of CashOffshore Watch
Exposes Global Corruption relating to banks, corporations and politicians.


Drudge ReportDrudge Report

The RebelThe Rebel

Russia InsiderRussia Insider


red ice radioRed Ice Radio

Paul Joseph WatsonPaul Joseph Watson

South Front NewsSouth Front

Syria NewsSyrian Military News

SA NewsSA News

Project VeritasProject Veritas

Blogs and Diaries

R&U VidR&U Vid

Truthstream mediaTruthstream Media

White Rabbit Radio TVWhite RabbitRadioTV

Walt BismarckWalt Bismarck

Stefan MolyneuxStefan Molyneux

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