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This web page is to ensure our readers have access to good quality alternative news sites, blogs and diaries.  This helps individuals stay educated and also exposes the Globalist mainstream media for the outrageous one-sided bias that it commonly represents.  It is important to find news sources that represent "We the People", citizens of the world

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Alternative News Sites


New Observer Online Logo




New Observer Online
A news site without the spin of the controlled media.


 White Nationalist



red ice radio


 White Nationalist
Jewish people behind The Daily Beast
The bestselling author of THE IRRATIONAL ATHEIST and ON THE EXISTENCE OF GODS defines the three pillars of Western Civilization, shows how Christianity historically shaped the West, and explains why modern science not only required Christianity to come into being, but still depends upon Christian values to remain an effective tool for exploring the world around us. Part I of II.
White Nationalist

 Charles Bausman is the editor and publisher of Russia Insider. He has worked in finance in Russia since the early 1990s, specializing since 2009 in large-scale investments in agriculture. He worked for NBC News in Moscow in the late 1980s. Charles has an MBA in finance from Columbia University, and a degree in history from Wesleyan University. He speaks Russian and German.

Charles Bausman - The Truth About Russia  

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo
 White Nationalist
White Nationalist
IDF Captain Dan Gordon Confronted by the GDL
 White Nationalist
White Nationalist


Info Wars Alex Jones Info Wars

Video: The Truth About Alex Jones


I completely lost faith in mainstream media. Watch Alex Jones for yourself, don't let globalist media lies influence you about Alex Jones Infowars News, make up your own mind and watch Alex Jones News.

Alex Jones Says Trump Is Just The Start: “Bigger waves are coming” (HBO) 

Emergency Report: The Censorship Master Plan Decoded

An emergency report to Congress and to the president concerning Big Tech, the Democrats and the Deep State’s plan to kill the First Amendment in America


 Paul Joseph Watson
 Paul Watson in London England  (PrisonPlanet)
 South African Family Relief Project
 Stormfront Radio, Thursday, September 6, 2018

Stormfront Radio, Thursday,

White Nationalist

The Rebel
 Jewish Zionist

Steven Crowder

Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. ... Owen Benjamin Guest | Louder With Crowder - Duration: 12 minutes.

StevenCrowder - YouTube

Steven Crowder a conservative political commentator, actor, & comedian brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show


Lisa Haven



Brittany Pettibone

White Nationalist

Drudge Report


 Drudge Report




 Lauren Southern

White Nationalist

American Free Press Logo
White Nationalist 
 White Nationalist

 Jewish Zionist
Breitbart News Network                           
Syndicated news and opinion website providing continuously updated headlines to top news and analysis sources. Breitbart website founded in mid-2007 by  Jewish right wing conservative commentator Andrew Breitbar. 

Breitbart | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Breitbart News Network

Breitbart News, Author at ...

Breitbart News, Author at Breitbart.

Breitbart California

Breitbart California is the home of the hottest video on politics ...

Breitbart London

Breitbart London is the home of the hottest video on politics, world ...

Breitbart Jerusalem

Breitbart Jerusalem is the home of the hottest video on politics ...



The Daily Sheeple |

The Daily | The Liberty Beacon

The Free Thought Project — Your online news and discussion platform

The Free Thought Project is a hub for Free Thinking conversations about the promotion of liberty and the daunting task of government accountability.

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South African pro White News
 White Nationalist

 Simon Roche,

 White Nationalist


Wads of CashOffshore Watch
Exposes Global Corruption relating to banks, corporations, and politicians.







Paul Begley




The Next News Network


Fox News



Jewish Action and News


Freedom Watch

 Go to to Join Freedom Watch's Coalition of the Jewish Right. All Jews and Christians welcome to join!
Thank you for speaking the truth. I honestly didn't think you'd take an honest right-wing position. I am a Republican, I've always been a Conservative, I'm an Orthodox Lutheran, and I'm a White Nationalist. Contrary to common belief, we are not racist, we actually just want to be recognized for whom we are, and we feel threatened. We see the hypocrisy and it angers us. We do not condone violence. We see the communist left getting away with all sorts of crimes. Things are very unfair, regardless of whatever white privilege the leftists claim we have. We honestly feel that we could never go have our own homeland, to be left alone. We simply want what we know to be 100% factual, and that is that a White Nationalist Christian community, would have almost no crime. We believe multiculturalism to be the culprit. We should be able to have our own freedom of association. We should be able to enjoy the same free speech the leftists and communists enjoy. Thank you for helping the Bundys. I have been one of your supporters, including financially, and i will likely continue. Thank you

Israeli News Live




Jewish Organization in Israel



The Official Hagmann Report


  True American Heroes



Gotcha News Network


Black Pigeon Speaks: News from the bowels of the Internet




Top Stories Today


Fox Business






American News




Geller Report: Home


 Dr. Steve Pieczenik  Jewish







 Thank God for Andrew Bolt and others like him. Australian mainstream media has it's own globalist agenda instead of just reporting the news the way it used to be done but don't worry,  Aussies are on to the bastards.

Jewish Zionist

Everybody please send the following video links to President Trump.

Message To Trump: Pass Law Against Censorship & Political Discrimination

New Law And Order Episode Depicts Infowars Reporter Being Raped

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

Saludos a Donald Trump desde Cherán, Michoacán (TV Cherán)

The Truth About Migrants (2018)

INFOWARS HACKED: Taken Down After CNN Calls For Alex Jones To Be Silenced

Banning video channels is banning first amendment. Period. It's all about opinion...either biased of fact-based. It should not make a difference the quality of the opinion. This should be left to the consumer.

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded - part 1 part  2 part 3.

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded - part 1

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded - part 2

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded - part 3

Write letter to President Trump ask him to allow all White South Africans into the United States

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

Write a letter to the President of the United States

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

  • If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to get your message to President
    • If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. If you hand-write your letter, please consider using pen and writing as neatly as possible.
    • Please include your return address on your letter as well as your envelope. If you have an email address, please consider including that as well.
    • And finally, be sure to include the full address of the White House to make sure your message gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500


Ronald Trump website:

Donald J Trump: Home http


Geller Report: Home


 Dr. Steve Pieczenik  Jewish


 News from Australian

 Back Home

What is CIR?



77,213 registered  for Cairnsnews as at June 2nd, 2018


In Australia Mark Latham of


Australian Radio

 New Zealand









Jair Bolsonaro






Pan-European Movement   Proud to be European




South Front NewsSouth Front








Syria NewsSyrian Military News








Project Veritas


 Project Veritas



Go Back   Stormfront
Return to Stormfront White Pride World Wide Main Page Transcontinental Railroad: Every month is White History Month! Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White!

 White Nationalist

Truthstream mediaTruthstream Media








Featured Channels

Graham Phillips


Watchdog Media

  Inessa S RT на русском Fox News Россия 24  


HK Defense TV


China Uncensored




 Men's & Women's Organizations

Proud Boys is a right wing men's organization with presences in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder and former commentator Gavin McInnes. Wikipedia

Where can you find a Proud Boys chapter?

USA ?? 85+
Canada ?? 15
Australia ?? 8...

See More

  Is Liberalism Killing the Manly Man?






 Following the rally in Berkeley Gavin McInnes and the Proud boys went to a bar to celebrate. I got to witnessed the 2nd degree initiation of the Proud Boys and learn from Gavin, their founder, who exactly they were and what their group was about.

  Gavin McInnes Explains What 'The Proud Boys' Are

 Gavin explains who and what the Proud Boys are at David Horowitz's restoration weekend. What they stand for, why, and shares a few stories about confrontations he/they have had.

Did Trump Read 1984? He Woke Up the Proles by Slaying the NFL





Christian news website
A Christian news website, known as
AFA Asatru Folk Assembly Religion. 
White European Native Asatru folk Assembly Religion

The AFA is great!  If you're not happy with your religion then have look and learn about AFA and become missionary and promote AFA for White Europeans only.   AFA is based on native White European ancient believes and practice before Christianity. The promoter "Matt Flavel stressing that Asatru, despite boasting ancient origins, is a modern religion for modern people."

The AFA religion in Europe has done such great things for our people and is a positive spiritual outlet for Europeans. AFA have spread out throughout Europe and needs to move all over the World as a White European religion to represent and fight for our people.  

" Matt Flavel serves on the board of directors for the Asatru Folk Assembly. We begin with a preliminary consideration of Asatru. As Matt explains, Asatru is an ancient religion that was revived during the 70s. Matt tells us about his spiritual journey, which, interestingly enough, began with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We then discuss the ancient Germanic world and dispel the misconception that it was simple and barbaric. We also discuss the folkish nature of Asatru, and how this integral aspect of the Germanic tradition has been lost among an unfortunate amount of modern Pagans. Matt touches on the activities that Asatruar participate in, ranging from celebratory festivals to local meetups. We also touch on the importance of identity; specifically, the fact that White people are the only group expected to not have one. More abstract, metaphysical topics are touched on as well, such as the order-chaos dichotomy that is integral to Asatru. The show concludes with Matt stressing that Asatru, despite boasting ancient origins, is a modern religion for modern people."

 Guest's website:



Ladyofthe Labyrinth



Russian Military Technologie


Imagine flying a plane so high that the world looks spherical and the sky is pitch-black. The Mikoyan Mig-31 fighter is the only jet plane in the world to make it possible to fly on the very edge of space. With an incredible speed of 3,000 km/h, the Soviet-designed interceptor is the world’s fastest serving aircraft, and it can fly twice as high as a commercial flight. Travelling at more than twice the speed of sound, the MiG-31 can touch the stratosphere and breach what's known as the Armstrong limit. beyond which a pilot’s tears and saliva would boil without a pressure suit.

  MiG-31: The Near-Space Plane. Russia’s super-fast interceptor



 US military Technology



 Self Reliances


Survival Lilly


My Self Reliance

Thanks for watching! New videos every FRIDAY. Please subscribe.



White History Channels


The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages


History Time


Viper TV - FILMS


History Time


Ancient Architects


 Intellectual Exercise


 The White Conservative movement will not talk about their Germanic, Celtic, Slavic tribes or their Ice Age white Europeans heritage. They will talk about black people, but will not say the word White Ice Age History.

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage



 Children Section

President Donald Trump For Kid



  Banchi Brothers


Walt Bismarck

Walt Bismarck






White Rabbit Radio TVWhite RabbitRadioTV





 Health Care
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