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European & Middle Eastern Animals

European bison image

There was a diverse number of animals that European Caucasians hunted throughout the Ice Age including bison, wild horses, cave lions, cave bears, wolves, wild cattle, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, beaver and mammoth elephants. 

Europe's animals have had some irreversible extinctions including the cave bear, wooly mammoth, wooly rhinoceros and giant deer.  Scientists have spent considerable time on re-wilding initiatives in Europe with plans to reinvigorate the megafauna populations.  They have successfully reintroduced European bison (pictured right).  In the Ice Age bison lived on open tundra, today they live in forest areas and during the First World War the numbers were decimated and through careful and selective breeding their numbers are roughly 3,000 today.

brown bear image

They have also successfully brought back the Musk Oxen into Scandinavia's regions. 

Many Europeans know very little about the animals their ancient ancestors hunted and the following images can help in remedying this.  The brown bear (pictured left), are found in North America, and Europe.

Ice Age Animals of EuropeTo the right are some examples of animals found in Europe both in the Ice Age and today.

Hairy Rhino (pictured right) Unfortunately this rhino is now extinct, though its skeletons are found occasionally.

Przewalski Wild Horse (right picture ) Is a rare wild horse originally found in central Asia and was brought to Europe.  This horse looks identical to cave painting images of horses found in Europe.

Saiga Antelope/Mongolian Saiga (Saiga tatarica) (bottom right picture): Used to roam all over Europe including the British Isles in large herds but sadly now is only found in Russia.

Tarpan: Repainting An Ancient Picture

The animals of Europe are very similar to, or the same as animals found in North America.  Europe also has beaver, lynx, as well as a number of deer including reindeer, elk (known as a moose in USA and Canada), wolves, black and brown bears, bison, white swans, hares and rabbits, wolverines, stout and weasels.

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Images courtesy of Wikipedia and The Coveners League

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