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1930 - The Big Trail - John Wayne; Tyrone Power

 Breck Coleman leads hundreds of settlers in covered wagons from the Mississippi River to their destiny out West.


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The Legend of Frenchie King | WESTERN | Brigitte Bardot | Full Movie | Free Western Film



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  River of no return (1954) Part I

  River of no return (1954) Part II

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The Mississippi Gambler 1953 Tyrone Power Piper Laurie Full Length Western Movie

 In 1854, Mississippi riverboat honest card gambler Mark Fallon wins young Laurent Dureau's diamond necklace family heirloom which, in the end, will bring him . The Mississippi Gambler 1953 Tyrone Power Piper Laurie Full Length Western Movie *** Stars: Tyrone Power, Piper Laurie, Julie Adams *** Director: Rudolph .


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Susan Hayward & Tyrone Power - Untamed.

Tyrone Power is not Latino his father was Irish/English descent and his mother was French-Canadian.

Susan Hayward was a beautiful woman in her day - a heroine to die for.

tyrone and susan,what a beautiful pair they made.too bad they didn't make films together earlier in the late 30s and 40s than here in the middle 1950s.henry king and ty powers 10th film together beginning in 1936



Adventure Film


Unconquered is a 1947 adventure film Based on Neil Swanson's "Unconquered, a Novel of the Pontiac Conspiracy," produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille.  It focuses on "Abby" Hale, (Paulette Goddard), who is condemned to death by a British court and was charged, then offered clemency if she would become an indentured servant or bond slave in America.  The film depicts the violent struggles between American colonists and Native Americans on the western frontier.  The Indians launched an attack in 1763 by a loose confederation of native tribes, primarily from the Great Lakes region, the Illinois and Ohio countries under the Ottawa chief, Pontiac, and was called the Pontiac's Rebellion.  There is a bidding competition between Captain Christopher Holden, (Gary Cooper), and Martin Garth, (Howard Da Silva), which Holden wins.  He then sets her free after which Garth, a sore loser, kidnaps Abby. 

This movie is a good introduction to understanding that a number of white people were indentured slaves.

 The Department of Homeland Security has been infiltrated

The Department of Homeland Security has been …

PURGE - Fictional Narrative: The Department of Homeland Security has been infiltrat...


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