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Ice Mummies: Siberian White Ice Maiden Update 2.

Screenshot 1blond w mum

White European Scythian tribes lived in Europe, Russian and Siberian.

NOVA: Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden (1998-TV)

The mummy of a 2400-year-old woman found on the Steppes of Siberia reveals a legendary warrior culture Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden: PBS Airdate: November 24, 1998 / "Tonight on NOVA, sacrificial horses guard her tomb. Gold and silk adorn her body. For 24 centuries, she was frozen in time. Was she a priestess? A warrior chief? NOVA unearths the secrets of "The Siberian Ice Maiden"." TRANSCRIPT:
 Lorie Paix
Heating water from a stream and pouring it over a 2400 year old mummy to thaw it, then realizing that it has to be refrozen and rushing it off to storage? The entire coffin should have been moved before any attempts at thawing began. After mold began growing on the body they realized that the freezer wasn't cold enough? The thermometer is not a new invention.
In the description of the video it says "The mummy of a 2400-year-old woman...". Shouldn't that be the "The 2400-year-old mummy of 20-30 year old woman"?
Clearly from the skull shape, height and long blonde hair, we can tell these mummies are not like the ‘Asian’ nomads we know today. But much more like the Yanmaya of which a part had traveled into Europe, now being a majority of the blood for native Europeans. As well ad the fact that contemporary Scythian depictions show people that look exactly like Germanic peoples. Both in clothing, hairstyle and facial features. I wrote this halfway through the documentary and is confirmed at 49:00
Screenshot 3coths sattles
 Screenshot 3orse hair
Steven Tait
No no no they literally had blonde hair how could they be Mongolian
Joon Bug
I was with them until they displayed the Mongoloids as if they are related to the ancient mummies. It’s obvious the mummies were Caucasian

Screenshot 1european ice maiden




Screenshot 1white seeens


Screenshot 12 f sepeens

Screenshot 1wooden coffens

 Screenshot 1loog coven

 Screenshot 1cut off breast

 Screenshot 1dear h

Screenshot 1horse deer




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