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Tommy Robinson Expose The Fake News BBC!

  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020 10:58
Panodrama - An Expose Of The Fake News BBC! Tommy Robinson and the TR.News team uncovered a collaborative plot between John Sweeney, his paymasters at the BBC and Far-Left organisation Hope Not Hate. What Tommy discovered was disturbing. The BBC were planning a “Tommy Takedown”. There was…
Coronavirus Linked To George Soros, Anthony Fauci & Linked To Gates!   Inane Mass 37712 No mention of Jews like Bill Gates hanging out with Epstein. View —
WHO Director a Member of Communist Terrorist Organization?
  Update 2.Can be transferred to unvaccinated women in sperm of vaccinated men Allegations New Vaccine Caused Sterility in 97% of Women                 Scientists Confirm COVID-19 Manmade Bioweapon, Implicate China/Gates - FULL SHOW - 5/18/20   Bill Gates said the…
In Brazil, one women is killed every 2 hours