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People Snatched By Thought Police

  • Monday, 01 June 2020 06:08
Mere weeks ago, cops were fining and arresting people for giving hair cuts. Now they're standing by and standing down as people loot, destroy, burn … Trapped Looters Break Out of Store in Front of a Dozen Waiting Cops - Watch What Happens!   Mosque calls police…

Netflix; Jewish Zionist Run Update 2.

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021 22:07
Netflix's co-founder Marc Rudolph is the great nephew of Jew propagandist Edward Bernays. The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix   Marc Randolph From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia    Jump to navigationJump to search Marc Randolph Randolph in April 2017 Born Marc Bernays Randolph April 29, 1958 (age 62) Chappaqua, New York, U.S.…
Prof. Robert Weissberg, Jewish. The Relationship Between Jewish and Black People   AustralianRealist Published on May 5, 2019   "The naïve might still suppose that Jews en masse are still promoting racial foolishness judged by who defends weird racial quota lawsuits or which professors assault politically incorrect…

Anti-White Propaganda Update 4

  • Friday, 20 November 2020 10:08
  Many people are not aware of the influence of the media on conditioning our minds. Anti-White Propaganda in the Mainstream Jew Owned Media 24-7 365 Days a Year     Many people are not aware of the influence of the globalist mainstream media on influencing and…

Anti- White Mania

  • Saturday, 21 September 2019 09:23
Fight Against White Genocide & Racism Most of us think two year-olds are teething are they actually catching White rage?       STOP White Genocide!