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David Duke Exposes the Globalist elite.

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Tulsi Gabbard Exposes the Warmonger elite Jewish NeoCon Cabal & anti-White Racism!
Politics Radio Show The Latest from Dr. David Duke

Tulsi Gabbard Exposes the Warmonger elite Jewish NeoCon Cabal & anti-White Racism!

Oct 11 – Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – Tue – Tulsi Gabbard Exposes the Warmonger elite Jewish NeoCon Cabal & anti-White Racism!


Oct 10  – Mon – Jewish FED Chief Bernanke gets Nobel Prize for Economics for Stealing Trillions from the Goyim! & Kanye West Names the Jew!


Oct 7  – Fri – Duke & Collett – Jewish Supremacy over the “West!” – UK Prime Minister Truss Joins Jewish Puppet Biden – brags she is “huge Zionist” (Total loyalty to Jewish Global Tyranny)!


Oct 3 – Wed – Rense Interviews Dr. Duke – Russians aren’t trying to takeover the world – Jews have already done that!

Great Show Today Exposing the Greatest Threat to the World in all of History! Jews do control most of the world and overwhelmingly control the USA Zio Lapdog the EU, global finance. global media and social media, and whose tentacles have infiltrated and or influenced many governments all over the world. Now they are in the strangest battle in all of history, they are engaged in a World War for total world hegemony. 

At first glance one may think that it is a war against the rising challenge posed by Russia and China against their world dominance through their control of America and the EU. In actually fact, the Jewish global elite is going all in for total world tyranny by waging a simultaneous war against Russia, China and ALSO against the vast majority of European nations!

Not only are they seeking the destruction of Russia and China, but they seek to completely reduce the goyim of Europe to serfdom under their absolute power of increasingly tyrannical government and obliteration of human rights! The Ukraine War is not only about their efforts to economically destroy Russia and the Great Russian People, but to use the widening war to gain a total stranglehold over the gentiles of Europe, destroy the middle class and out them under total surveillance. economic slavery, imprisonment for dissenters and a cashless economy where they can starve and by electronically control every person’s access to MONEY, enabling them to digitally cut off anyone from having the planned digital money and procuring even the basic necessities of life.

The War in Ukraine is a War by the Jews who control the West against the Western Nation they most fear Russia, but make no mistake. Ukraine is a total Jewish dictatorship form the Jewish President on down. It has Jewish Prime Minister, Jewish Defense Chief, Jewish controlled media bosses and elite Jewish Oligarchs who totally rob and control the Ukrainian nation. Zelensky has already evacuated almost all of the Jews from Ukriane. He is very happy do his bidding to destroy the global enemy of Jewry and at the same time destroy the goyim of Ukraine.


Oct 3 – Mon – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Jewish Ruled America Attacks Vital Pipeline for Europe & Insanely Blames Russia!

Great Show Today!

The greatest mass murderers and warmongers in the entire history of humanity – Exposed. No! It is not the Germans, the Russians, or the Chinese. It the ultra racist Supremacists who created Bolshevism. Zionism and the most deadly wars in the history of humanity!


Sept 29 – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Who has Committed the most horrific Genocides? Germans, Russians, Chinese or Jews? The Shocking Truth!

Great Show Today!

The greatest mass murderers and warmongers in the entire history of humanity – Exposed. No! It is not the Germans, the Russians, or the Chinese. It the ultra racist Supremacists who created Bolshevism. Zionism and the most deadly wars in the history of humanity!


Sept 28- Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Jewish Tyrants over America Declare War on Germany & the EU with Attack on Nord Stream!

Great Show Today!

The obvious American (Neocon) attack in the Nord Stream to prevent Europe from negotiating an end to the sanctions with Russia. In effect the presumed JewSA attack was to force Europe to obey Jewish hegemony by the USA in order to hurt Russia as well in the future.
Great Show! Share it! and comment!

Sept 26 – Tue – Dr Duke/DrSlattery – Nazis Don’t Rule Ukraine!  Jewish Globalists, J-Media & J-Banks Wage War Not Just on Russians but upon Ukrainians, real Americans and the EU!

Great Show Today!
It offers proof of the Jewish ruling elite of America has not only declared war on Russia, but this Ukraine War is also a catastrophic war on the people of Ukraine who are the Cossacks that Jewish literature hates as they hate Russians. in fact Cossacks span both nations.
Today’s show shows the evil of the Jewish Zelensky Regime and offers proof of the Jewish media lies about this war and who the real war criminals are.
Also discussed is the obvious American (Neocon) attack in the Nord Stream to prevent Europe from negotiating an end to the sanctions with Russia. In effect the presumed JewSA attack was to force Europe to obey Jewish hegemony by the USA in order to hurt Russia as well in the future.
Great Show! Share it! and comment!

Sept 26 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Ukraine War: One more Murderous, Evil Jewish War!

Sept 23 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Is Russia Losing the War? & The Right Rises in the EU!

Sept 22 – Thur- Dr Duke & Dr Slattery Did a Drunk Mel Gibson Speak Truth that “Jews are responsible for the Wars in the World”?

Sept 21 – Wed  – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Putin Draws another Red Line to the Jewish warmonger Globalists !

Sept 20 – Tuesday – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Shocking Evil of the Jewish Role in Mutilation & Sexual Assault on Millions of Children!

Sept 19 – Mon – Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – The British Royal Family Disgraced & Blackmailed by the Mossad & the all-Jewish Epstein-Maxwell-Brunel Spy Ring?

Sept 16 – Fri – Dr Duke and Mark Collett Debate on young Man who simply heckles Epstein’s Pal (Prince Andrew) & viciously attacked from behind, but arrested by police!

All while the attacker goes free!

Sept 15 – Thur – Dr Duke & Michael Hill on Jewish Antifa – Charlottesville Jewish Terrorism & Jewish Global Tyranny!

Sept 14 – Wed – Tucker calls out massive Black racist Violence against Whites – asks why no famous Person has opposed it? Does Tucker not know the name David Duke?

David Duke has been speaking out on the things Tucker has since Also in this show, Duke and Slattery use the text of book the film, BlackKKlansman, to totally expose the lies made up by the Jewish screen writers in the Spike Lee film of the same name. The real facts revealed in the book shows the only violence was from the Jewish-led Progressive Labor Party (PLP) who intended to kill Duke and any policemen or media people who got in their way!

David Duke has been standing up for the heritage, rights and freedom of White people since before Tucker Carlson was even born. -staff

Sept 13  – Tue – Murderous Jewish Wars – The greatest Evil of ZioSupremacy and Tyranny

Sept 12  – Mon – No Longer God Save the Queen – Now it’s God Save Us from the Jewified King!

Sept 9  – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett of UK on the Death of a Queen & the Death of a Race!

Sept 8 – Thur – David Duke – Solo – The Rape & Murder of Eliza Fletcher – A Murder Incited by Jewish Supremacy Anti-White Hate in Government & Media!

Sept 7 – Wed – Duke & Slattery – How Jews Wanted to establish Communism in China & Russia, but lost out and now see both as enemies of Jewish Global Hegemony!

Sept 6 – Tue – Dr Duke & Slattery -The Afghan-Iraq-Ukraine insane Train of devastating Jewish Zionist Wars!

Sept 5 – Mon – Labor Day Talk – Duke & Stevenson -The Horrific Cost in Lives and Money to Working People of America & the World from Zionist Wars!!


Sept 2 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett of UK and Mark Collett – How the Global Jewish Media Incites Hate & Violence Against Whites!

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett do a powerful show proving the real masters of hate and violence, the Jewish supremacists who dominate media and politics across America and the West

Sept 1 – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Exposing the Biggest Lies of White Demonization with Black Victimization and Jewish Deification!

In an extremely powerful show, Dr. Duke exposes the biggest lies of Jewish Media demonizing White people and while portraying Blacks and homosexuals as victims of White people. He begins with the first great lie of sports “hero” Jackie Robinson’s first game in Major League baseball where he allegedly faced horrific White racism,  He exposes the alleged black genocide in the Tulsa Riots, then the portrayed “lynching” Emmett Till, by White racism,  to the supposedly anti-gay murder of hero homo drug dealer Mathew Sheppard and to the Central Park Five.
In the Central Park case where five Blacks were certainly guilty of a horrific rape and injury of a White woman jogger were called victims of racism by the Jewish racist supremacy that runs the NY Times and almost the totality of Jewish Media. It must be pointed out that all the huge lies and media and movies and fake stories on these events we not the result of Black people’s dominance of mass media and government institutions. It occurred and continues to the present because of Jewish supremacy over these institutions.

Aug 31 – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Understanding the Russian Overthrow of their Jewish Overlords & Gorbachev Role in It


Aug 30 – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Jew Total War against President Trump & His Coming Jewish Criminal Crucifixion!

Amazing show exposing the Jew De Tat attempt to overthrow the Trump Presidency and the totally Jewish  criminal crucifixion that gives him as much a chance of survival in Black and Demo Juries as a Christian thrown into a den of lions.

Aug 29  – Dr Duke & Stevenson Hunter Laptop Censorship Exposes “Russian Interference” LIES & Jewish Election Interference FACT!

Great Show Today. Wait till you try out the Google Searches for Jews and the Yandex Russian Search engine when you type into the search box for suggested searches for Jews. Can prove to anyone with a brain how the Jewish Media Moguls are brainwashing the world!
Also the Hunter Laptop proved that the Jewish media claiming it was fake Russian interference was completely a massive lie and they accompanied this lie by massive censorship and suppression by Jewish ruled broadcast and Internet/Social Media. There was never any massive Russian election interference but easily proven massive Jewish Election and Government Interference in America and in the effort to overturn the legally elected President of the United States!

Aug 26 – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Agree about Orwell’s 1984 but have friendly Debate on Animal Farm!


Aug 25 – Dr. Duke & Slattery – Without the Historic Sacrifice and Courage of the Russian People – the Ukrainian and Eastern and Southern European Europe People would not Exist!

The Kievan Rus (Russians) in today’s Russia, Belarus & Ukraine. Russia defended all the region from dozens of invasions. Without centuries of Russian sacrifice, Ukraine would not be a Christian nation today and more resemble the religion, culture & race of Turkey and close Asian regions.


Aug 23 – Wed – Duke & Slattery -Jewish Terrorists of Ukraine and JewSA Murder Russian Phd Philosopher!

Aug 24 – Wed – Duke & Slattery -The Hateful and Violent Racist Jewish Proxy War on White People!


Aug 22   – Mon – Paul Stevenson interview with Dr Duke: The Ukraine War is not for Ukraine, or Russia, or the USA or the EU It is a war for Jews!


Aug 19  – Fri – Dr Duke and Collett – Mainstream Admits we were 100% right opposing Covid lockdowns, Masks & Jab 2 years ago!

 Zio media and gov’t still blames Covid and Russia/Ukraine War for the the Jewish globalist economic and social devastation of the West! It was Jewish supremacy dictated lockdowns, masks and Jabs & Jewish sanctions that have caused this crisis!


Aug 18  – Thur – Dr David Duke – (Just You and Me Today) Daring to Expose the utter Hypocrisy of Jewish Racism and Supremacy!

Epstein’s and Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Spy Ring’s Victims Reveal them to be hateful Jewish anti-Gentiles!


Aug 17  – Wed – Why Do We only Hear of the “Jewish Holocaust” & Not far worse Jewish-Committed Holocausts like the Holodomor?


Aug 16 – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – First they came for David Duke & Now they come for YOU!


Aug 15 – Mon – Why Jewish Elites Hate Trump, Hate Russia and Hate YOU! It all Fits like a Glove!


Aug 12 – Fri – Lives Matter Worldwide & Jewlensky and Jew Globalists Order mass Suicide of Ukraine White Patriots!

Aug 11 – Thur – Duke and Slattery -The Anti-Russian Jew Coup Against Trump & The Idiots Who tell us that Ukraine is Run by White Supremacists! No! It’s Jews Stupid!

Dr. Duke and Patrick Slattery expose the completely Jewish Jew Coup against Trump from top to bottom, Including the latest Jew, the Jew FEDERAL Judge who issued the warrant for Mara Lago. & a Recap of the lie that Ukraine is run by White supremacists. No it is not Nazis or White supremacists. It is totally a war of the Jewish Global Supremacy that hates Russia and for that matter all Europeans, including Ukrainians!


Aug 10  – Wed- Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Zio Tyrants Threaten Nuclear Meltdown as Ukr JewLensky tries to blow up Nuke Reactor!

Plus Dr. Duke destroy’s Scott Ritter hallucination that Ukraine  and the war is run by Nazis rather the the Jewish Tyrants that totally rule the government, media and economy of Ukraine and actually the U.S. which is not Nazi or White Supremacist, but anti White, anti Russian, anti-Ukrainian and anti Europe! They that are happily sacrificing the Goyim of Ukraine to hurt their biggest global enemy, Russia! They have long hated Ukrainians which they call anti-Semitic Cossacks, as well as the Goyim of Russia and truly the interests of the entirety of Europe. The Media the Jewish controlled Government of the United States are not Nazis, they represent racist Jewish Supremacy! 

They are destroying the White people of America as they destroying the people of Ukraine and trying to destroy Russia as well.


Aug 9  – Tue – Dr Duke and Paul Stevenson – Two Epsteins – Robert & Jeffrey – Illustrate the greatest threat to Freedom in History!!


Aug 8  – Mon – Dr David Duke and Dr Slattery- The Jewish Globo Homo War Against All Humanity!


Aug 5 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Part 3 of Jewish-led Globo Homo War on Whites & All Mankind!


Aug 4 – Thur – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Part 2 Of Biological Jewish War Waged against White People and all Humanity!


Aug 3 – Wed – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Genocidal Biological Warfare Waged by Jewish Supremacy against White People!


Aug 2 – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Jewish Supremacy Wars against Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Russia! & Now China?


Aug 1 – Mon – Dr Duke & Stevenson – Jewish Media: Any Exposing of Crimes of Jews, J-Globalists & Israel is Anti-Semitic!


July 29 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – UK Blogger sanctioned: total Goldstein/Big Brother 1984- style Tyranny!


July 28 – THUR – Dr Duke & Stevenson of UK – Jerusalem Post Exposés Jewish Tyranny of Anti-Gentile Racial Hate and War!


July 27 – Wed – Dr Duke & Patrick Slattery – Russia Kicks out Jewish Agency & Why the Entire Jewish Global Establishment Hates Putin!

July 26 – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – What is the ONE Thing BANNON and BIDEN Have in Common? Total Subservience to Jewish Totalitarianism!


July 25 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Jewish Totalitarian Supremacy over US & Global Media is the Single Greatest Threat to All Humanity


July 22 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Covid Vaxx & Lockdowns Drive far more Mutant Strains -repeat infections & Death than DOING NOTHING!


July 21 – Thur – Duke & Slattery – Russell Brand & The undeniable Jewish Global War against Russia in Ukraine!

July 20 – Wed- Duke & Slattery – Tucker Carlson Proves White Replacement Scheme – But Does not Mention the Jewish Cabal Behind It!

July 19 – Tue – Duke & Slattery – Who is Responsible for this War: Americans – Russians – Ukrainians or Dare we Say it: Jews?
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