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Jewish Noahide Laws & Gentile Slaves

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Noahide laws have no connection to Noah: they're Talmudic fiction.nobama farce

The U.N. & The Noahide Laws



The most important book of Judaism is the Torah which is the law god delivered to Moses or the written law. It'ss comprised of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, and is considered to be devine. The Nevi im is the book of prophets, and the Ketivum the writings. Together they are known as the TaNaKh. This is what's know by christians The Old Testament. The Torah is distinct from all other books, in that it's written by God. All other books are written by men, and men are fallible. There are volume upon volume of books of Rabbinical teaching, That make up Jewish law. These make up what is known as Jewish law and consit interpretations and oral traditions, and have changed throughout history, You can begin to see the potential for problems to arise. The better known of these teaching is the Talmud and the Zohar. There are two Talmuds the Babylonian and Jerusalem, the Babylonian was adopted as the more authoritative and is 63 volumes in itself. The Zohar is where Kabbalah comes from and is the study of Jewish mysticism and occult knowledge. Noahide law is derived from the Talmud not the Zohar. Jewish teachings can't be compared to the Chistian Bible as many books bound in a single volume. It could if you strictly went by that which is devine and holy, but Jews can't seperate their man made laws from that of god. To say only a few jews believe in the Noahide laws is a false statement or this woman has no idea of what Judaism is. Noahide laws were Jewish laws for non- jews living in Israel. Judaism is not the the same religion of the Israelites or Hebrew which kept Gods law for a time. The Judeans were Isrealites, but they didn't keep gods law, they supplemented it with mans laws and some vile ones at that. If a person is Jewish they believe in the Talmud and many more books of Rabbinical teachings. The Jew is taught the gentiles or goyim are here only to serve the Jews, and it's not immoral to deceive, steal from, kill, rape or enslave as long as they aren't a Jew. All jews except for atheistical Jews adhere to those beliefs. Atheistical jews gave us the Russian revolution, and Bolshevism

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Noahide Laws Prayer in Congress & Dance Party Outside


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They say ‘never again’ as they genocide the Palestinians.
'Separation of Church and State' doesn't apply to Satanism?
Noahide laws have no connection to Noah: they're Talmudic fiction.
Honestly it's laughable to read that title and then to hear your intro. It's so obvious who rules America.
This is getting so obvious, are americans and the rest of the world asleep.They seem more upset by not recognizing pronouns.Trump really is a fully fledged traitor, death penalty for treason doesn't seem to apply there would be no one left in government.
Lenin establish the death penalty in the Soviet Union for anyone accused of antisemitism. Millions perished.
They’re literally insane.....there is no Judeo anywhere near Christianity, none
This foolish Senator doesn't realize as a goyum he too will be restricted under Noahide Laws.
Is this why the government bought so many guillotines??? Hmmmmm???
While Lenin was ordering the destruction of Christian churches and the torture and death of Christians, one of the 1st laws he passed was making antisemitism against the law punishable by death. The Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Wallstreet Bankers and much of the training took place in NYC
Thank you Adam for exposing this. It appears to be a war against Jesus.
The Stalinist regime made anti-semitism illegal, if I'm not mistaken, so in that case this Chabad rabbi is lying through his teeth.

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The Noahide Laws Part 1 - Yah's Covenant

Published on Jun 18, 2019
Are the Noahide Laws simply a forgery of the Ten Commandments? Why is Yah's Covenant not being promoted or followed by those who wish to institute these Noahide Laws?
This is part 1 of the series The Noahide Laws hosted by Dr. Stephen Pidgeon.
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The Noahide Laws Part 3 - Public Law 102-14

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