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Many people in the world, including Europeans, are not conscious of the fact that Europeans composed western music and developed the film industry. 

There are distinct cultural styles of music from various parts of the world, from the Middle East, India, China and Africa, and many of these countries have long emulated the European music.  Europeans composed distinctive styles of songs and music from classical, country-western, folk, to heavy metal.  We have a short rich history of European music styles below:   

Cultural Music

Gregorian Chant, Join Me sung by Amelia Brightman

Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas, The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye

Celtic Woman - Danny Boy

Gregorian Ft Amelia Brightman - Moment Of Peace

National Pride in Song

The key to a nation's future lies in its past. The people who lost has no future

This is Europa - We are Europe

Tribute to Rhodesian Military

Rhodesians Never Die

EUF: This is Europa - What we love but anti-whites hate

European Awakening!

Celtic Thunder:  Heritage - "Whiskey in the Jar"

Celtic Thunder:  Ireland's Call'

Celtic Thunder:  Voyage II - 'You've got a friend in me'

Celtic Thunder:  Voyage - Black is the Colour

Odinism/Christmas/Christian Songs

The First Noël - Celtic Woman

Celtic Version of O Holy Night

Dean Martin - Let it Snow!

What is Yule?

Say Merry Christmas - Vocal Carrie Rinderer and the American Christian Life United (ACLU) choir...

Caucasian Middle Eastern Music

Uyghurs and Hungarians (Secret History of Huns)
The section from the books, "The Children of Mu" and "Lost Continent of Mu" by James Churchward:  Great Uyghur Empire was the largest and most important colonial empire embodying the whole of Central Asia from the Pacific Ocean to the Ural Mountains with colonies and outposts throughout the central parts of Europe.

Amateur Videos

Bride Sings, Don't Stop Believing at her own wedding

Bride surprises groom at wedding and breaks out in song

Future American Idol Bride Sings to Groom at their Wedding

Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho started singing before the age of 9.  We hope this motivates young boys and girls to sing.

'O Mio Babbino Caro' (June 2009)

Jackie Evancho & Sarah Brightman - Time to Say Goodbye

Jackie Evancho & Andrea Bocelli - Con te partirò - Live 2015

Videos In memory of those who fought in wars

The Fighting Lady:  World War 2 Aircraft Carrier Action (1944)

Battlefield S1/E3 - The Battle of Midway
Battlefield S4/E5 - The Battle of Guadalcanal

Battlefield S6/E4 - Destination Okinawa

WW2 in COLOR:  The Battle of Okinawa, part 1 (720p)

WWII in Color:  The Okinawa Landings, part 2 (720p)


Former Rhodesian now called Zimbabwe in southern Africa  was named after Cecil Rhodes, the British empire-builder, who was one of the most important figures in the British expansion into Southern Africa.  Rhodes, a successful businessman, obtained mineral rights in 1888 from the most powerful local traditional leaders and enacted them through treaties.  There were several states in the former Central African federation, including Southern Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe), Zambia, (Northern Rhodesia), and Malawi, (Nyasaland).  By 1960, there were 223,000 whites and 2,893,000 blacks in Southern Rhodesia.  In Northern Rhodesia, the population at that time was 76,000 white, and 2,340,000 black population.  "Southern Rhodesia gained international recognition of its independence in April 1980, when it became the Republic of Zimbabwe, and the black government replaced the white government, and passed laws to force white farmers off their lands, today most whites have left the country."  (ref: Wikipedia). 

The Fall of Rhodesia

Lessons from Rhodesia

'Hondo' - Rhodesia's forgotten war

Zimbabwe's New Wave Of Farm Invasions

No Other Life - A Tribute to the Women of Rhodesia

Mugabe:  white farmers should never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe


The film industry was developed by Europeans, many of whom were Jewish Europeans.  Remember when you watch a movie, that it was a European invention!

European Pride for Europe

Europeans worldwide have been conditioned not to think of themselves as Europeans, whose ancestry goes back thousands of years in Europe and the Middle East and central Asia.  This is due to the lack of understanding about their homeland.  We have, therefore, provided some films to stimulate your imagination on regions of Europe where your ancestors perhaps once lived.  We must realize that Europe is our indigenous homeland, and we should have indigenous rights to all of those regions where our ancestors once lived, and where many European still live today.  When you look at these films, remind yourself that your ancestors lived in these regions long before Europe developed into the modern countries we know today.

The Grey League


SWITZERLAND:  Zermatt village [HD]

European Pride

Jungfrau:  Top of Europe

Switzerland's Jungfrau Region:  Best of the Alps

Lucerne, Switzerland


Unconquered is a 1947 adventure film Based on Neil Swanson's "Unconquered, a Novel of the Pontiac Conspiracy," produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille.  It focuses on "Abby" Hale, (Paulette Goddard), who is condemned to death by a British court and was charged, then offered clemency if she would become an indentured servant or bond slave in America.  The film depicts the violent struggles between American colonists and Native Americans on the western frontier.  The Indians launched an attack in 1763 by a loose confederation of native tribes, primarily from the Great Lakes region, the Illinois and Ohino countries under the Ottawa chief, Pontiac, and was called the Pontiac's Rebellion.  There is a bidding competition between Captain Christopher Holden, (Gary Cooper), and Martin Garth, (Howard Da Silva), which Holden wins.  He then sets her free after which Garth, a sore loser, kidnaps Abby. 

This movie is a good introduction to understanding that a number of white people were indentured slaves. 

European Ingenuity

Giant Scale RC Model Aircraft Show LMA RAF Cosford - Flightline Compilation - 2013 (Part 1)

Sentimental/Country and Western Music

The Tennessee Waltz - singer Patti Page 1950
Patti Page's biggest hit released in 1950, "The Tennessee Waltz" and was #1 for thirteen weeks that year.

Little Peggy March - I will follow him (best version)

"I believe" - Clint Walker
This is one of the songs included in Clint's Inspiration CD, available through his website at

Clint Walker: "The Kentuckian Song"  

Burl Ives - The original recording of Ghost Riders In The Sky
This is the first recording of this famous song by someone other than the writer, Stan Jones, who recorded it in 1948.

Patsy Cline - Back In Baby's Arms

Pernell Roberts - They Call The Wind Maria

The Seekers - Georgy Girl (1967 - Stereo)

Petula Clark Downtown. Original version


Donald Trump - The Snake
Words to "Snake poem", as read by Donald Trump in January 2016.  Original lyrics to the song 'The Snake' by Al Wilson.

Preliator - Rome
Ancient Roman combat set to the music of Globus, (Immediate Music).



European nationalism on the rise - fight for your people.  Retain your European identity.  Proclaim the sanctity of race.  Believe in the Sacred Gene Pool.  Treasure this noble heritage.
Eternity must be ours!

Donald Trump Insists The National Anthem Must Be Sang in Anaheim
Wednesday, 25 May, 2016:  A Trump campaign rally in Anaheim, California, in The United States, was about to get underway without the National Anthem having being sung.  Mr. Trump calls the female singer up to the stage to sing the National Anthem.

TARAS BULBA The Ride to Dubno
TARAS BULBA ©1962: The Ride to Dubno, also known as, 'The Ride of The Cossacks', music composed and conducted by Franz Waxman 1906-1967.  Starring Yul Brynner in the title role, also starring Tony Curtis, Kristine Kaufmann, Perry López and Sam Wanamaker, filmed in Argentina, directed by J.Lee Thompson.

The Horse Charge
Music from the group, Two Steps from Hell, "Heart of Courage", released in 2010.  A video of horses charging from a number of various movies.

150 thousand People! Poland Rises Against Islam/March Of Independence2015/MarszNiepodległości
According to one reader, the music is a mix of Why do we Fall; Imagine the Fire; Without a Rope; Take me to Bane - Soundtrack from The Dark Knight, by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard.

Israel - Anti.N.W.O SonG - S-Line - ILLUMINATI DISS (Anti - NWO) FICK die FREIMAURER)

Who were the Black and Tans? (Actual footage of attacks)
The Black and Tans as a subject still arouses controversy in Ireland.  The Black and Tans were mostly former soldiers brought into Ireland by the British government after 1920, to assist the RIC, (Royal Irish Constabulary), in their work.


Visegrad Alliance - Central Europe Rises

Polish - Hungarian Brotherhood

Europe says NO to Angela Merkels Islamic invasion

Folk Music

Viking Song

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