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British Natives on their thoughts on becoming a minority in their homeland

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 In August 2019, 40-50 British patriots hit the streets and surveyed the British public on their thoughts on becoming a minority in their homeland. In this short documentary, we will reveal the results. Coming October 2019.
 The British, Irish, Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, Canadians, Germans, French, to allow non whites to invaded their countries and to replace white Europeans.
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Have you noticed on Television now that most of the ads show Black or immigrant families or mixed race couples. And on top of that, some ads now have rap/hip hop music thrown in?. Even though England is over 85% White you would think we were 85% Black with these ads.
It is interesting that the younger generation are much less concerned about their demographic replacement and the erasing of their culture. The education system it seems has done its job of indoctrination.
Of course people are afraid to answer. One can literally be sent to prison in the UK for speaking one's mind.
Mass immigration is actually extremely racist and a crime against humanity. Mass immigration quickly dilutes, and ultimately destroys, a country’s ethno-cultural identity. it is a human right and responsibility to protect the ethno-cultural identity of your homeland. Stop all mass immigration immediately!
  "Europe is for Europeans!" - The Dalai Lama! Wake the hell up Europe!
The leftist scumbags working at the BBC and Guardian will be breaking out in hives if they watch this video ?


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