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  • Saturday, 04 July 2020 01:47
We should be able to debate anything. That is the difference between democracy and totalitarianism Katie Hopkins | We Should NOT Support No Platforming (6/8) | Oxford Union   Kathryn Molesa 4 months ago (edited) Katie is correct. We should be able to debate anything. That is…
Television Advertising and Distraction in the Western Media   sushipal • 11 hours ago I just found out that in the UK they are actually required to pay for regular network tv brainwashing, too!View — View —
The Game of Life: Mind Control, Freemasonry, Transgenderism, Satanism - By NaTubertv
                    Home Store FAQ Contact Us Jews Scapegoating Blacks: A Long History of Hate August 31, 2010 NOI Research News 0 Scapegoating is a serious act. When one scapegoats another person or people, one falsely accuses him or…