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“The Great Replacement” Means the Extermination of the White Race through Mass Immigration


In 1972 Ugandan Dictator, General Idi Amin ordered the explusion of Ugandas Asian community. Just before the deadline Thames Televisions 'This Week' reporter Johnathan Dimbleby visited Uganda to whitness the chaotic scenes first hand of Ugandas Asian community desperate to leave the country they once called home. First shown: 14/09/1972 If you would like to license a clip from this video please e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Quote: VT6535

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Uganda | Idi Amin | Asian Expulsion | 1972

 In 1972 Ugandan Dictator, General Idi Amin ordered the explusion of Ugandas Asian community. Just before the deadline Thames Televisions 'This Week' reporter Johnathan Dimbleby visited Uganda to whitness the chaotic scenes first hand of Ugandas Asian community desperate to leave the country they once called home. First shown: 14/09/1972




Australia has already fallen, its a complete police nanny state totally complicit with NWO agenda's the only people who dont know that are the sheeple who are known as the 'general population'. This nation is now under complete corporate control, and it's citizens are so completely blinded by Corporate controlled television propaganda and motivated by greed that they have given up all their rights. Every single member of the 'general population' think they are free living in the 'lucky country' but are yet to realise just how fucked we already are and that its about to get real bad. Australia hasn't been the 'lucky country' for decades it's a fantasy. The government releases statistics and all these sheep believe everything they say without question.

 australians are more interested in what their footy team is doing and who's winning MKR. Dont worry about abbot and what his masters are doing to our once great country...

Yes, the Aust'n social fabric & the economy is going downhill, inexorably.  Permitting the WRONG kind of alien, incompatible foreign cultures to establish themselves here, deliberately not assimilating with us, has been a grave & tragic mistake. And this constant push for ever-continual "economic growth" is a formula for suicide. Planet Earth's resources are a finite entity. Can't keep on raping the planet & destroying the eco-balance. The day of reckoning is coming down fast  ....

 Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, discusses the looming catastrophe called the Australian economy.

The Fall of Australia - Coming Catastrophes in the Australian Economy

Fact is there's NO reason for ANY country to have the money of that country printed and issued at INTEREST by a PRIVATE central bank and Australia is no different. If the Gov. controlled the printing, issue and interest rate of the countries money supply ALL countries would be massively better off because they wouldn't have to pay interest on the money they borrowed. Australia past the Reserve Bank act in 1959 that handed the issue, printing and interest rates control to a PRIVATE Corporation, ie The Reserve Bank of Australia. The stupidity of this is mind boggling, There's absolutely NO reason why Australia shouldn't print, issue and control its money and that goes for every country on the planet. Privately owned central banks are the reason countries are in so much debt, getting rid of them would be the best thing any country could do for its economy and people.

 Took our guns away, implemented carbon tax, everything became regulated, we've started recognising "hate speech" as a thing, homelessness is rising, pc culture is consuming the nation and now their thinking of legalising gay marriage. Australia is a nation destined for chaos and collapse.

Perhaps you should also consider the lasting effects of the Lima Declaration which was signed off by the then Whitlam government in 1975.

Stefan, you started out wrong. There is no illusion. we Australians know we are fucked, we dont manufacture anything anymore, our government have sold or allowed to be sold. all our best land to china, Go to some areas and they dont even have signage in English, China (its V-A-G-I-N-A) own the rights for 100 years to our top end naval port in Darwin. The joke now about South Australia is, dont worry about turning the lights off when you leave, --because they dont have the power on there anymore anyhow. No Stefan, we know we are being drilled from behind, there is someone out there shafting us with a big multicultural dick up our asses. 30 years ago, Australia was number 1 in medical technological advances, since then, we have multiculturalised our universities and guess what, now third world countries do better than us. (i dont think any of us are surprised) we pay $20 a unit for our own gas, yet we sell it to you for $4 a unit. Its not Australia anymore. You may as well come and take it. Everyone else is.

 n 2014 under the leadership of Tony Abbott the Aussies rid themselves of carbon taxes.  Smart.  Congratulations Australia.

Whats the sense really, we can stand up all we like just to get knocked down bashed and put in jail..those who do have a voice and stand against the system are easily knocked down because the corrupt have the resources to discredit them using the media, changing legislation, gag orders, injunctions, and a multitude of other tools at their disposal. So you tell me how do we stand up against it all with out being labeled, criminal trouble, maker or crackpot? Look what Australia done to David Icke, stopped him from entering Australia because he has a voice trying to reach out to the people!!

10:55 The other reason housing prices are in a bubble in Australia: heavy foreign investment buying properties via proxy agents - the pricing here is becoming ridiculous, the prices in the last 10 years have risen more dramatically than possibly the last 20-30 (and I just got to your graph which actually shows how steep the line becomes over the last 10). What I see happening is that it becomes unaffordable in the next 3-5 years (to both live in and rent), higher rates of homelessness or communal living/sharing and the end result is that all these investors have to sell their properties, causing a crash and free-up in the housing market, followed by interest rate rises, meaning more people have to sell their properties because they can't keep up with the payments and down the death spiral we go.... Regarding making money from a house/apartment as an investment good, this is possible in Australia (and apparently your Canada) with negative gearing, your wage/salary becomes tax free because the loan payments are higher than what you earn from renting the property, so your profit/benefit essentially comes from "sort-of-free-money" in the form of huge tax breaks. Admittedly, it probably doesn't give you a bigger benefit than the manufacture of goods, but many people generally view housing investments as a less risky option

Jew's own Australia May 9, 2014 Former Prime Minister of Australia - Malcolm Fraser - Speaking at the Deakin University. Quote; Jewish community lobby in Australia wielded too much power.”. In his book “Dangerous Allies,” Fraser pulled no punches in describing how Israel had betrayed America with the attack on the USS Liberty, how the Jewish Supremacists in Australia controlled the government and how the Jewish Lobby went to work to put Israel’s interests first.   Fraser states he was a slave to Jewish supremacist interests in his term of office and was instrumental in opening the gates of immigration in subservience to the Jewish “divide and conquer” agenda Feb 2015 Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Robert John “Bob” Carr,   He quotes in his recent book in 2015; ''Jewish “party donations and lobbying tactics “need to be highlighted, because I think it reached a very unhealthy level,” he said, regarding pro-Israel forces in Australia. The Australia Jewish Affairs Council – which Carr says had a direct line into the prime minister’s office. youtube;   Brendon O'Connell 'Corruption in the wild wild west''

Australia has already fallen, Just look at both the Queensland and Western Australian Police Corporations to start, Common Law has been bypassed and does not hold any protection(s) whatsoever. Australia has become a CORPORATION on the AMERICAN Stock Exchange, And the United Nations impliament the Corporate Law of Australia. Sir Robert Menzies was the first P.M to get the ball rolling towards this Globalist Control in Australia and every P.M since have impliamented it further and further while the sheep slept silently and accepted there coming fate.

I'm Australian and in my twenties, live in one of the largest cities and despite my qualifications I can't find a job anywhere. Everything Stefan says is spot on. Our government likes to spin the unemployment figures by including those with part-time or casual work but you can't support yourself with these kinds of jobs especially since Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in (if not the most expensive).

Australia is already controlled by socialist leaders and the UN who plan to have a socialist One World Government by 2030.

The worst in Australia is how they use policemen & magistrates to violently violate citizens, like Nazism. Arbitrary imprisonment is rampant here for 230 years to today; replacement genocide, starting with Aboriginal Australians.

The manufacturing industry was dismantled, on purpose, by the government with the Lima Agreement (international redistribution of wealth from the West to Second and Third World countries). Back with 'Uncle Gough (Whitlam)'. He is a Prime Minister that was kicked out of government (allegedly under the threat of Civil War) after he could not pass a budget. He was in for a short period of time, but made a load of changes to Australia, from removing the teaching of the Constitution from schools, to free university, to 'helping' Australia become 'independent' (cough cough - some really dodgy and illegal acts - I better add 'allegedly' so that my comment isn't removed). He did have some good ideas, like borrowing money to buy our own resources which would have made Australia a great deal of wealth, instead of the corrup... I mean 'interesting' way things work now. The next election he was 'slaughtered', electorally, but the 'lefties' live in an alternative reality that he was 'illegally removed from office... and the other side permanently given government.

 Australian politicians are as dumb as those in Europe. Up to 80% of Muslims in Australia and Euopean countries are collecting welfare, which is a huge burden. Every industrialized country should "stop all welfare to all immigrants", not just Muslims. No immigrant should ever be given the right to vote, or to have citizenship status. This is the situation in Costa Rica, and it keeps the country clear of contamination by imported cultures. Muslims won't even live in Costa Rica without welfare.

 The affirmative action and work quotas is a problem too :( The European Space Agency has actually got an influx of highly qualified scientists from the US who weren't hired because they were men.

BrutalBrital has it right. THE MEDIA rule Australia and the ex-pat Brit lobby control the media. One of their wealthiest media lackeys and personalities John Laws said that, about the only really true thing he ever said worth listening to. Australia would have gone independent had not the Brits rigged the ballot papers so that nobody knew what to vote for or how. Easy done when a large percentage of the voters can't even read English. Australia in essence is to Australasia what Israel is to the Far East, an outpost or fort to keep the neighbours in line. Australia is very rich in natural resources but foreigners get to mine it and keep the profits with obscene tax benefits thrown in. As BrutaBrital points out, the entire country is a NWO model. Social experiments in control of the young along the lines of that fascist control freak called Common Purpose are ubiquitous making the country a sort of experimental camp. The royal family have not left the place since the referendum nearly won the day for independence and whenever a royal makes his/her inevitable appearance the media coverage is obscene and goes on forever. The sheeple are at the mercy of the media dudes who are working body and soul for the TOTAL MIND CONTROL of the population along the lines drawn up by the fascist elitest maniacs behind the NWO.

I'm Australian and I completely agree. What about our disgracefully corrupt courts and justice system? What about the police who actually leak files to criminals? What about our brainless educators? What about our pedophile church leaders? I could g



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   Stand Up For Yourself Without Being A Jerk




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