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How The Economic Machine Works

  • Monday, 20 April 2020 05:35
 Federal reserve bank in every country, legally create money out of thin air. Charge interest on it. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio Learned more in 30min video than in 3 years economy class.Elena   Steven Walshe 1 week ago (edited) Here's how you play…
  Update 2.Can be transferred to unvaccinated women in sperm of vaccinated men Allegations New Vaccine Caused Sterility in 97% of Women                 Scientists Confirm COVID-19 Manmade Bioweapon, Implicate China/Gates - FULL SHOW - 5/18/20   Bill Gates said the…

Police Abuse Of Powers - Civil Liberties

  • Saturday, 30 May 2020 04:31
Paul Golding refused to give the police access to his phone, now he has been charged under the Terrorism Act 2000 and could face up to three months imprisonment. Police Abuse Of Powers - Civil Liberties Eroding!  "Tommy Robinson interviews Paul Golding who was detained by Police…

Covid Hoax Death Rate Lower Than The Flu

  • Saturday, 09 May 2020 23:26
  Full 4/22/2020 press conference in Bakersfield California with Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massih See The Video Youtube Banned Of California Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax     Shelter In Place Is Weakening The Immune Systems Of Everyone Who Complies IMPORTANT: California Doctors Erickson and Massihi Press…

5G Crisis

  • Thursday, 23 April 2020 02:22
  Dr. Group & Alex Jones break down the dangers of 5G in this detailed interview that aired May 4, 2018   VIDEO: Watch Researcher Predict Virus/5G Crisis In 2018298,824 views·Apr 12, 2020