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Words & Their Meanings


Anyone who hates the Jewish people is Anti-Semitic. In reality, however, many New World Order/Globalists who are members of the Jewish organization are Zionists and have no regard for the Jewish community.  They use their organizations as a smokescreen to push their ideas and agendas, and call any person who exposes or disagrees with their agendas are labeled as anti-Semitic.


Betrayal:  Breaking or breach of a trust, confidence, or mutual understanding which has resulted in conflict within a relationship or amongst individuals or organizations.

Example:  Betrayal of a partner not being faithful, betrayal of your parents and your ancestors by not remembering them. There is a growing number of people who say if you marry outside your race, you are also betraying your people.  Betrayal by media and Government through feeding false information to the public and not representing them, and carrying out actions that are in complete opposition to the promises made in the elections, and by not representing 'We The People.'  Someone who betrays others is commonly called a traitor or betrayer.


Communism and socialism:  No private ownership of property.  Everything owned by the state central committee or by Bankers.  Communism and socialism are used by a very rich elite who want to obtain control of all private property for themselves and rule the country.  They do not,  want free speech and anybody who rebels against them are usually slandered, jailed or killed.


Being able to analyze situations and overcome it.

Caucasian or Caucasoids

This term is used to describe Caucasoids people by their skeletal genetics and body features and refers to European white people, Arabs in the Middle East, Berbers and Egyptians in North Africa and the Indians in India.  In Western countries, the term Caucasian refers to Europeans (whites), or  European Caucasians (whites).  


A small handful of people centrally controlling and making all decisions for an entire organization, population, and their policial party.  Also, a concentration of power and authority in a central organization.


The World Jewish Diaspora or the World European Diaspora is a population sharing common national and/or ethnic identity.

Democratic Centralism

The name was given to the principles of internal organization used by Leninist, (left wing), political parties. It may mean central control have all say and the rest of the public have no say.


Saying something about someone which is incorrect whether deliberate or not. For example:  calling people racist, Nazi, fascists or extremists when they are not. Name calling is also termed as slander or when a publication of information is false.


Equality does not exist and will never exist because there will always be leaders from organizations and corporations who have the power to make decisions which affect all people.  Many organizations are so powerful they usually make decisions for us without asking. For example, We were not asked if we want to go multiracial, or if we want to go to wars, we have no say in how the country is run, what is said in the media and we have no say on how the banking system is run (input policies).  We have no say on foreign policies, or what is taught in our schools.  If we say anything, we are called extremists, or we are banned.  The bulk of the world population does not have equality.


Mixed race people of Asian and European descent.

Goyim or "Goy"

1. A Hebrew word used in the Jewish Scriptures (a.k.a. the Old Testament). The word literally means, 'Nations'. It is always used within these scriptures to refer to the nations.  Within the Old Testament, Judah (the Jewish nation itself is called a 'goy'). Some Jews use the word Goyim to refer to non-Jews.

2. In the Old Testament, Jews were called to be a nation separate from other nations which were all called pagan. Therefore non-Jewish nations came to be called "Goyim," as in "nations."


All people who are not- Jews, i.e. Africans, Australian Aborigines, American Indians, Asians, Chinese, Arabs and Whites who are not practicing the Torah are all Gentiles.


A group of people who want to get rid of all nations, all borders and their aim is to have all races intermarry, creating one Global race only.  Other aims of the Globalists include destroying all native cultures and religions and stop freedom of speech. Their main aim is to pool all individual countries into a large totalitarian world Government (New World Order).

High Treason

Promoting Genocide by promoting mixed racial marriages and invasion of nonnatives into a country.  For example; Western Governments allowing nonwhites into European countries; promoting common markets and World Government without we The people consent. The media feeding false information to destroy people is high treason.  In many non-Western countries, people who commit high treason are executed or go to jail.

False Jews Establishment vs Jews

The False Jews Establishment are comprised of a small powerful group of people who have tremendous influence in banking, media and to use Jewish organizations to obtain money and power over other people. 


A Caucasian European tribal kingdom in the early 10th Century who lived in the area  North East of the Black Sea and Southern Ukraine.  It's King and many of its gentile people converted to Judaism.

National Interest

The term 'national interest' is a word commonly used by governments when they are hiding something and do not wish to be forced to discuss it. 

National Socialism

National Socialism was created by Jew, Moses Hess for the Jewish Community.  He lived between 1812 – 1875.  


A form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.  A state or organization so ruled.  The persons or class so ruling.


Each distinctive group of people who are different from other groups, for example; pure European Caucasians, Bushmen, Chinese and Negroes.  


Promoting hatred against a particular racial group, i.e. against whites Negroes, Asians.  The word 'racism' is usually directed at whites, and Jews to condition them to feel guilty about being white or Jewish.  It is also used against blacks.


Socialism is fully centrally controlled thinking and only one small group makes the decisions for the entire community and free thinking is restricted. 

Subversive Political Action

A planned series of activities designed to accomplish political objectives by influencing, dominating or displacing individuals or groups or destroying the native inhabitants.


A collection of Jewish rabbi laws, opinions, and traditions.

Think Tank

Can be a small group of people or a policy, institute, organization of corporations who come together to dissolve problems.  Many think tanks are tax-exempt, non-profit organizations.


The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially aginst civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


The Jewish Bible

White Flight

Is a term for demographic trends when people move out of areas which have been flooded with nonwhites.


Zionism was founded as a movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. There is a great number of people who say that Zionists used the Jewish people as a smokescreen for power and making money.


Zionism is National Socialism and some people refer to them as ZioNazis.   National Socialism in German Nationalsozialismus, more commonly known as  Nazism. 

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