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High European Suicide Rate

We must become involved in reducing the high European Caucasian suicide rate and helping people overcome stressful situations.  This can be done through an all pro-European organization and we encourage everyone to help look out for all people in our community.  

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The European suicide rate has greatly increased in the United States.  I have not researched it, but I do believe it is happening all over the world.  This is because of the attacks on whites through the ZioNazi Marxist Globalist media, and the massive immigration into European countries, the demoralization of Europeans has led to people giving up and ultimately choosing to suicide.

In 2007, there were 34,598 suicides in America.  The breakdown is as follows:

  •  28,897 suicides were European, (White)
  •  2,394 suicides were Hispanic
  •  1,916 suicides were African-American
  •  1,248 suicides were other
  •  878 suicides were Asian
  •  370 suicides were Indian

This means that 83.5 percent of suicides in America is White.  Why?  Find out more by going here.

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