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The Harem (Suleiman the Magnificent Documentary) | Timeline

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 All of these Christian women were stolen from their families. They had mothers and fathers, and they were Christian.

In Islam men can have upto 4 wives and slaves.

instanbull was once constantinople

The Hidden World Of The Harem (Suleiman the Magnificent Documentary) | Timeline


Hurrem Sultan

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Killed his 19 brothers? I guess he wasn't very family-oriented.

they wanted to make many sons for the heir.They killed their sons and brothers to prevent the throne fight.

Why is Hurrem brunette in this video?She had clearly red hair , and blue eyes, she is even known as alexandra la rossa .

There's a soap named "Sultan" from the Ottoman era, all this in a soap, the drama, lol it's good. You can find it on You tube. And Hurrem is from Russia and portrayed as a redhead.

Yes and lot of Serbian women were taken from their families and taken to Harem

If you think about, this woman from Ukraine was the most extraordinary and powerful queen ever! Yes, we have few well known French Russian, English .. but all of them were born royals. This woman was a brought there as a slave! She was from different ethnic, religion ... obviously she was incredible intelligence!



The harem was a cruel life where girls were kidnapped from their parents, often forced converted, enslaved, and kept as property in a gilded prison. How are people still romanticizing this?

Suleiman had a thousand wives, he serenaded them daily, but what's the use of a thousand wives, if you've only got one ukulele! :)

So this is one of the reason why Turkey has so many redhead and blonde

It's fascinating to me that many generations of Sultan leaders were almost not ethnically Turkish at all. And when you consider that the wives, mothers, eunuchs, and Ottoman officials were also former prisoners of war, the entire Ottoman government were foreigners.

i do find the ottoman dynasty of killing their brothers and nephews when one came came to the throne. It was very contrary to Islam.

Through out history we have learned that every man who lust for his women is banished to lose ambitions and go from a conquer into a house prisoner. The lesson is to love and reproduce but still to maintain your focus and distant from distractions. On the other hand, every powerful woman played her supposed (weak) wife, only to become the most influence in the kingdom. Its an art to master, it's power and seduction. They both play role but their tactics are different. Remember, this is very real in the modern world as it has been forever.

I always imagined the harems as a part of a luxurious palace but fictional movies or even documentary may be very misleading, when I visited one I was in shock they indeed were claustrophobic and small. Not many windows with small rooms I felt very sad for those girls because if for a group of 10-15 tourists is claustrophobic enough to want to exit it as soon as possible I can imagine hundreds of concubines. The man who kept them there for their pleasure in my opinion were less of a man that the eunuchs.

So.....basically they had the same beauty standards that permeate modern western society. Young, white, skinny, and everything shaved from the upper lip down.

"The other was twisting and crushing them (Testicles)." Cue Jump cut to someone crushing stuff in a mortar and pestle. I'm a girl and even I felt that.

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I understand that this is a documentary (and not a motion picture), but Hurem was supposedly a red-haired or a blond-haired, not a brunette, as assumed in this documentary.


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