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Jews Control The United States?

Monica Crowley - Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump

There are growing numbers of people who realize that America today is a very sick country and they know that bad policies and bad leaders are the main cause of this.  They also realize that the group who call themselves Zionist Jews are the main cause of the problems.  This particular group is trying to bring in a form of Socialism and Communism.  Also, there is now much evidence to show that these people are not real Jews and they do not follow the Torah as we have previously discussed here

They control most of the Jewish organizations in the country and they have misled the Jewish community by rewriting historical facts to one that has created great fear.  The average Jewish citizen believes that gentiles hate them, and want to persecute Jews, and if possible, wish to bring about similar gassing events that took place under Hitler in WWII. 

Jews have always been powerful within America because they were involved in the fur trade industry and the slave trade and took control of the American media to ensure they could be involved in how the world viewed things.  Some Jews have this idea that gentiles (non-Jews) are no more than animals, have no souls and some Jews have no feeling to the suffering that they cause the general population including the Jewish community who have suffered much because of them.  They were behind opening the floodgates to allow non-Europeans into America and they are behind the ideas of multiculturalism and a multiracial society that is part of the very essence of America today, and one of the key things that is causing its very destruction. 

There are two main parties in the United States:  The Democrats and The Republicans.  The main national and international policies of both political parties are essentially the same.  There may be some minor differences on the national front.  The question you may ask is, how come there is really no great difference between them?  They both support open borders, the abolition of guns, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) discrimination against Europeans (treason when you consider that the people in power are Europeans themselves), same-sex marriage, the flooding of America with non-Europeans and all wars that America has been involved in, amongst other things. 

You may realize that the people who run these parties are actually one entity who filter the same ideas through both political parties.  That is the Zionist establishment, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).  The US, therefore, has a one-party system and its power is so strong that it is basically a dictatorship. 

For politicians to be successful in America they need a lot of money.  When they receive donations from others, there are usually 'strings attached.'  The donors have the power and can promote their ideas resulting in the politicians "doing as they are told."  The major financiers are mostly Jewish and their ideas are the policies that America has practiced for decades.  They donate money to both parties.  

Exposing the Deep State in the United States

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The Deep State - Who Rules America, Full Documentary by Freedom TV

New World Order (Deep State) Rules Britain, Australia and the United States.

The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschild the, Vatican and the British Crown Rule the World - 2017

Rod Rosenstein (Jewish lawyer) he is America’s Deputy Attorney General

Trump has destroyed reputation of his top Jewish lawyer

Ariel Sharon"WE CONTROL AMERICA" - Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.  October 3, 2001.

"We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America.  In America you can criticize God, but you can't criticize Israel."  Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache
“When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about ‘our’ government, he means the government of Israel.”  - David Ben-Gurion, First Prime Minister of Israel.

The following video shows the anti-Semitic Zionist and traitor Goyims have too much power in the United States so-called Government:

Mystery Babylon

Zionist JEWS control 97% of World Media!!!


Jews Control the United States Telecommunications

The Israeli Spy Ring Telecommunication in the United States

What Israel did was to set up government subsidized telecommunications companies which operate here in the United States.  One of these companies is Amdocs, which provides billing and directory assistance for 90% of the phone companies in the USA.  Amdocs' main computer center for billing is actually in Israel and allows those with access to do what intelligence agencies call "traffic analysis," a picture of someone's activities based on a pattern of who they are calling and when.  Another Israeli telecom company is Comverse Infosys, which subcontracts the installation of the automatic tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America.

Comverse maintains its own connections to all this phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for maintenance purposes only.  However, Converse has been named as the most likely source for leaked information regarding telephone calls by law enforcement that derailed several investigations into not only espionage but drug running as well.  Another Israeli telecom company was Odigo (bought by Comverse in 2002), which provided the core message passing system for all the "Instant Message" services.  Two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Odigo employees received a warning.  Odigo had an office two blocks from the former location of the World Trade Towers.

The Israeli Spy Ring Scandal: The Story That Will Not Go Away

Israeli Espionage

An examination of Israeli espionage activities against the US

Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

The Jews control United States’ state department

Is It Antisemitic To Say Zionist Jews Control USA Foreign Policy?

US Foreign & Domestic Policy Made in Israel

Do Jews Control the United States?

People say that Jews control America.  The Jews, 2% only are of the total American population, they are very powerful and have been for a long time.


Article About the Jew Taboo, from Russia Inside News

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

This video about, Rothschilds, banking  and financing and stating wars

True History not Taught in School: Jew Usury Central Bankers

Globalist Promote European Genocide

White Genocide,The Ugly Face Behind It.

White Genocide,The Ugly Face Behind It.

Jewish extremism and its media cover-up

The War You Don't See: Julian Assange interviewed by John Pilger

Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media?

The following audio links recorded in the United States by Turner Radio in 2006 is a VERY frank interview between Pastor Wickstrom and Jewish Rabbi Abe Finkelstein.  It provides a good insight into Rabbi Jewish Extremist attitudes towards non-Jews and the Jewish influence in America.  Note that we disagree with the comments on 'Jewish race'.  We believe that the reference to the huge numbers of children disappearing is an exaggeration. 

It is hard to believe that anyone would get away with this on a mass scale without the astute American police catching them.  Do not believe that this is a war between Jews and gentiles - this is a war between corrupt so-called Jews and corrupt gentiles who have influenced the world for hundreds of years.  This includes the corruption of the Christian Church. 

Until about the 1960s the world was mostly controlled by so-called Jewish bankers. There were competing countries including the British Empire, France, Spain and others to a lesser degree (Germany, Holland, Italy etc).  Around the 1960s these countries started banding together to form the common market.  Those countries have now become part of the New World Order, which is predominantly run by traitor false Jews and gentiles who many would describe as not Jewish but who are behind mass immigration and the destruction of people of the world.

News Article on JTA, published February 28, 2012

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan decried what he called Jewish control of the media and accused “Zionists” of trying to push America into war with Iran.

Farrakhan spoke for three hours Sunday before thousands of supporters at the Nation of Islam’s 82nd annual Saviors’ Day celebration in Chicago.

In his address, along with the accusation about a war with Iran, Farrakhan asserted that Jews were responsible for a controversial 2008 cover of The New Yorker that depicted President Obama in Muslim garb, according to the Religion News Service.

“I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m just telling the truth,” he said.  He also said:  “In 100 years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all.”

"Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood," he added, "but they took it over."

On the topic of Iran, Farrakhan said:  “I advise white and black America, Hispanic and Asian America, why would you send your children to die in a war engineered by Zionists who love Israel more than they love the United States of America? Don’t send these children to war for the sake of Israel.”

Farrakhan Exposes America's Wicked Motives! Why Libya? ...Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen next?

The Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said, “Jewish Supremacists Control U.S. Media”

How much power does Israel have over the US?

Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media

How JEWS control the world? #2

New World Order:  Blueprint of Madmen (Full-Length HD)

Do ZIONISTS/ISRAEL Control the U.S. Government

Black American Jesse Peterson : Whites must start to fight for your rights

The Attack on White People: Kyle Hunt with Jesse Lee Peterson

Anti-Defamation League

Jewish Anti-Defamation League website has a hate list on the internet of influential American Whites, Negroes, Muslims, Jews, and many people have expressed anger and solidarity against the ADL because very personal information about people who have not threatened or killed anybody has been defamed.

Gentile and Jews accuse the ADL of practicing bigoted racism against people and organizations who are expressing opinions and fighting for human rights for whites, Jews, and blacks.  Politicians should implement legislation that would put the Jewish Anti-Defamation League out of business for practiced hatred and especially bigotry and treason against the American people and country.

Abraham Foxman - Double standards and bigotry

The (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union is mainly run by Jews

Who Controls the American Civil Liberties Union? | Who Controls ...

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American non-profit and so-called civil rights organization/public-interest law firm noted for its legal victories against White, Jews and Black American groups, such as Negro separatists who typically oppose integration and racial intermarriage and want a separate homeland in the United States.   The SPLC was founded in 1971 by Morris Dees (Jewish) and focuses on so-called hate groups or any body who is Nationalist or covserative.  the following quote taken from Wikipedia:

"The SPLC does not accept government funds, nor does it charge its clients legal fees or share in their court-awarded judgments. It's programs are supported by successful fundraising efforts helping it to build substantial monetary reserves." 

It has an endowment of $303 million.  These reserve funds are subject to controversy.  My research and  people tell me that The Southern Poverty Law Center is against anybody who is pro-family, and patriotic people are called “haters” or “racist.”  Anybody who wants to stop illegal immigration coming into the country is referred to as a hater.  Anybody who opposes the SPLC organization is referred to as a hater, anybody who wants to give a point of view against SPLC is called a hater.  It monitors both white, true Jews and black people organizations.  The SPLC organization attacks Christians, those against abortion and any person campaigning against Government polices and that takes away people's rights are called extremist. This organization is restricting free speech.  This organization should be closed down by the government.

SPLC TruthMark Andrew Potok (born 1955), is a Jewish propagandist and spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Potok is the editor of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report and joined the organization in 1997.  Previously he was a reporter for USA Today, the Dallas Times Herald and The Miami Herald.

A look into the Southern Poverty Law Center

SPLC:  Profits of Hate

Who controls the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who controls America?

The Southern Poverty Law Center:  the Real Hate Group/No credibility

Savage on the Southern Poverty Law Center

The True Meaning

 Globalist control mainstream media have conditioned the public to react when they  commonly call Nationalist, Coversatives blacks, true Jews, whites, Racist, Nazis “White Supremacist”.  The Globalist are the real Supremacist, Racist, Nazis Fascist who want to keep control of the media, banks and policial parties and  keep  We The People  as Slaves.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC is perhaps the most dominant of the groups that lobby the United States Government on behalf of Israel, with more than 100,000 members who are largely American Jews.  AIPAC is a very effective lobby and has been admired by other lobbies as being a model to emulate.  It focuses on United States Congress and administration and the President of the United States.  Its influence in Congress is its ability to raise money.  AIPAC does not get the “money from Israel or have a contractual relationship, it is not required to register as a lobby for Israel.”  AIPAC's executive committee is comprised of 100 distinguished citizens, one-third of whom are Presidents of the major American Jewish organizations, and the other one-third of whom are important non-elected political leaders from across the United States.

Russian TV says Jews control the USA

DN! Norman Finkelstein on AIPAC

Hollywood Admits its run by JewsJews controls the US Media and Hollywood

The Jerusalem Posts top 50 most influential Jews of 2014 “The world's 50 most influential Jews.”  Jeff Zucker is president of CNN Worldwide and many of the Hollywood honchos are Jewish including executives from CBS, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, News Corp, Sony Pictures Chairman and CBS, whose CEO, Leslie Moonves is a great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion.

How the Zionist Jews Control the Media

The Jews Who Own The Media

Jews run Hollywood

How the Jews created Hollywood

2010 Oscars Jews owned Hollywood what A joke!

Hollywood Jewish Control

Jews and Music Industryw

Many singers and musicians are Jewish because the music industry is run mainly by Jews.The Globalist use “Affirmative Action” which means to promote Jews to top position to companies and not promote Whites, true Jews to position of power. When you see European whites in the media, schools, attacking and calling white Racist, these people are mainly Jews who have been condition to think of themselves a Jewish race and think of Whites and true Jews the enemy.    

The Beatles on Jews and the media

The most Famous Jewish musicians

Famous Jewish musicians

Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks about the Jews

Mr. Farrakhan at the Millions Man Movement rally, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 8/3/05 said:

“I’m not anti-Semite, I never have been one. I do not hate the Jewish people; put that down! What I hate is the degree of control that they exercise over Black intellectual, cultural expression.”

Mr. Farrakhan speaking at Holy Day of Atonement Keynote Address, Part 2, Mosque Maryam, Chicago, Illinois 10/21/12 said:

“Now you know I’m going to be lambasted and called anti-Semitic… They’ll say Farrakhan was up to his old canards*; he said Jews control Hollywood.  Well, they said it themselves! Jews control the media.  They said it themselves! Jews and some gentiles control the banking industry, international banks. They do! In Washington right next to the Holocaust Museum is the Federal Reserve where they print the money.  Is that an accident?”

*Canards - a false report or story: a belief or rumor that is not true

Mr. Farrakhan made a speech in Atlanta on 6/26/10 saying:

“I’m here to tell you no black man or woman becomes a multi-millionaire without friendship in the Jewish community. Did you know that nearly all prominent Negro actors and musicians have or had Jewish sponsors and managers? They have a way of attaching themselves to your gifts, but you get nothing. They get it all.”

Black Entertainers Under Jewish Remote Control... - The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan "Speaks"
The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches entertainers and the world through a process of divine guidance on the reality of the entertainment world.

Louis Farrakhan - Jews "financed Hitler"
International bankers made loans to Germany, then looked dumb or immoral later for helping to fund the Nazi regime.

Farrakhan Speaks On The Jews And The Media 
Mr. Farrakhan explains why the media and Jews misrepresent him.

....And The Jews Planned 
Louis Farrakhan videos give a black man insight into what is really going on.  Why was Barack Obama elected President of the United States of America?  What are the plans and plots of the Jewish community as it concerns The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan?  Do the two relate?  Watch this video and judge for yourself. 

In the United States more Whites Died than were Born

More White People Died Than Were Born in 2012

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