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European Racial Pride

racial preservation lawThe anti-Semitic ZioNazi, Globalist media promotes the idea that Europeans are a mixed racial group.  The evidence suggests, however, the majority of caucasian Europeans have no Negro or Asian ancestry so therefore the majority of the caucasian European population must be pure racially.

Who Are The European Caucasians?

The Germans, the Russians, Greeks, Italians, British, Irish, white Americans, white Australians, white New Zealanders, white Mexicans are just to name some countries, are all European caucasian people.  There are some people will say to you that their father was German and mother is Spanish, then say 'I'm a mixture of two races.'  This is incorrect -  they are all  European Caucasians. 

European caucasian people are very distinctive from other racial groups.  Most of the white caucasian people look similar worldwide.  It is helpful not to go by dress or facial hair, but to go by the caucasian features.

The Globalists say there is no white race, but there is a black race, an Asian race, a Jewish race – they say this to overcome their guilt of genociding their own people, by increasing Third World immigration into Western countries.

Europeans have been conditioned to think of themselves as different racial groups, and the following information is to change this belief. 

Millions have lost their lives by thinking they were of a different race, and one aim of this site is to bring all Europeans together as one people to stop wars and show they are not all mixed races but one White race. We are European Caucasians having similar features, such as eye color, hair color, face shape, etc. 

The term 'caucasian' was introduced in 1795 in Germany, by the German anthropologist, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, who supposed European Caucasians ancestral origins lay in Caucasus Mountain regions between the Black and Caspian sea.  

The correct geographic description of the Caucasoids may be "West Eurasians and North African."  In the United States, Australia, and Canada, the term 'caucasian' may refer exclusively to Europeans (whites).

In Europe, especially in Russia and nearby, caucasian usually describes exclusively to people who are from the Caucasus region or speak the Caucasian languages.  In traditional anthropological literature, the Caucasoids are often contrasted with other "-old" groups such as the Negroids, the Mongoloids, and the Australoids.

Police use Forensics to recognize the different racial skeletons found because all races are different from each other.  If you wish to argue that different races do not exist, answer this:  Why are Forensic Anthropologists so good at identifying them?  The following videos support the different racial skull shapes:

Europeans in America

Racial Differences and why they should be preserved

Race-haters (racists) promote the following:

Globalist race-haters say there is only one race, the human race, and the only separation is by nation.  It is said the white race does not exist and you can not classify any race by skin colour.  But, as we know, the white race DOES exist.  The Globalists are attacking white Caucasians all over the world through media channels, or by playing blacks against whites, or promoting interracial relationships.  Globalists also say that black people and Asian people do exist, and then say, ”there is no such thing as race,” when it comes to justifying multicultural and multiracial society, which means they are promoting white and black genocide. 

Are Europeans, Asians and Africans Different subspecies?.

Are Africans A Different Subspecies? | Tara McCarthy


There is a small religious group of African Negroes in the United States who say they gave birth to the Chinese, Mongolian, Middle Eastern, European and Indian civilizations.  The African Negroes did not start these civilizations.  The Negroes intermarried with the native people from these regions causing the Negro to disappear from these areas. 

In fact, skeletal remains found in the regions of the birth of the Chinese civilization are definitely Asian. Skeletal remains found in the region of the birth of Europe are Caucasian. This also holds true of skeletal remains found in the Middle East and in India respectively.

This example shows evidence that race is determined by facial features, bone and muscle structure, hair color and type, eye color, mind behavior/lifestyle.  But why do some Negroes believe that whites and Asians were once black and turned into albinos? There are albinos amongst Asians, Africans, and whites, however, they are distinctly different from whites and Asians.


The evidence suggests that the brains of the distinct racial groups are different.  Negro brains are not Caucasian brains, and Caucasian brains are not Negro brains.

The majority of the world's most noted intellectuals have been Caucasian, (white, Jewish, and Indians in India, Chinese, and other Asians).      

When you read this website you will realize that you have not been given very good information by your educational system and the media.  You may have the best brain in the world, but it cannot function correctly and give you the right answers if you only have the wrong information in your brain.  So it doesn’t matter what your intelligence level is, with the wrong information your brain just cannot give you the right answers.

If you have a very good brain, and you have had the right training and absorbed the right information, you can do many wonderful things that can change the world and make you financially secure in the process. That is why it’s important for Mums and Dads to teach their children about European Caucasian history so your children can grow and fight for our rights during their life, so they can improve the lives of millions of people all over the world.

It has been said that every race is a product of their environment. If this were the case, the Mongolian people, who live north of China where the climate is very cold and cloudy, would have evolved to have white skins. But they do not have white.  They have brown skins.

Skin  Color                                                                                                                                       

Other examples are to go further South to China and Japan where the people have white skins.  The same also holds true in other countries if you investigate it, the American Indians who live in North America live in a cold climate yet they have brown skins.  There are some now who have white skins but that has occurred through intermarriage with whites.  Bushmen who occupied half of Africa, and who were driven out by the Negroes to Southern Africa have brown skin, Asian facial looks, and a language which is not related to the Negro languages. Climate may have some effect on skin but race is also involved.

Racial Description

10 Fallacies of Race Denial

Scientists Call for End to Race Denial

Jared Taylor - Race and science

The following is on the three racial groups, Negroid (various groups in Africa), Mongoloid (various groups in Asia), and Caucasoid (Europeans whites, North African Caucasians, Middle Eastern, Eastern China and Northern India).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

FingerprintsFingerprints can reveal if you are Black or White 

Fingerprints have been used for decades as a useful tool to identify individuals and recent research has now demonstrated that it also appears to encode even more information, including a person's ancestral background.   A team of scientists found people of European and African ancestry have distinct differences in their fingerprint ridges. 

Professor Ross, the lead investigator explained:  "The frequency of total number of bifurcations differed significantly between groups with African Americans showing a higher frequency of this trait."

OtziOtzi Stumps "Out of Africa" Theory

A skull discovered in Northern Greece has the potential to change what we know about human evolution.  This skull, known as the Petralona Skull was found in 1959, embedded in a wall and was handed over to the University of Thessaloniki from the Petralona community. This came with the condition that after examination it would be put on public display by the museum with information about what was discovered.  This never happened and some researchers are arguing that it is being kept from people that our current "Out of Africa" theories on evolution are plain wrong. 

For more information click here.


Negroes are also called Bantu and their physical characteristics follow:

Body Build:  Burley
Skin:  Black skin is more resistant to radiation than white skins but also filters out ultraviolet so in the absence of sunshine black people are deficient in vitamin D.
Lips:  Thick and everted (showing pink inner portion when closed)
Head Hair:  Frizzy or wooly appearance
Head:  Long with a prominent occiput, (back of skull)
Eyes:  Dark Brown

Black (Negro) Penis Myths
We sometimes hear that Negro men have the biggest penises.
The Globalists promote this through adult magazines.  This is not true!  Scientific evidence on record shows the largest manhood phallus belongs to a European guy from Brooklyn in the United States, Jonah Falcon.

For more information go to Do Negroes really have a bigger penis or is it a myth?

World's Largest Penis Record Holder (Jonah Falcon) Frisked by TSA (NSFW)

Sickle cell disease                                                                                                                                                                       Understanding inheritance of sickel cellSickle Cell Inheritance Diagram

Sickle cell disease was originally called a "black" disease, however, it has been shown to be found in other warm climates such as the Middle East and India.  Sickle cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder predominantly found in black Africans all over the world including America and Europe.  It is a serious inherited condition with 1 in 12 African Americans currently carrying the trait.  The disease alters the shape of red blood cells making them sickle-shaped.  These cells do not flow well as the shape causes blockages resulting in joint pain or sometimes even stroke; sometimes it lasts only a few hours, sometimes it lasts for several weeks.

Research has shown that this blood abnormality is an evolutionary process where the issues of sickle cells are seen by evolution as less of an issue than the malaria resistance it provides. Malarial parasites cannot infect sickle cells because the parasite cannot "fit" inside the sickle cells, destroying them before the parasites can grow and reproduce.

It is a genetic condition that is passed on from the parents.  There are two versions, Sickle Cell Trait where you carry the condition but don't have any symptoms and Sickle Cell Disease which requires medical management.  If you marry a person who has either of these conditions you need to be aware that you could pass this onto your child and a blood test can be taken after birth to see if it has been inherited or alternatively you can opt to have prenatal genetic testing completed.  Having one parent with Sickle Cell Disease means that there is a chance your child will be born with either the disease or the trait.  The following diagrams taken from the Sickle Cell Society website explains the likelihood of inheritance.

With each pregnancy, two people with sickle cell traits may have the following:   
25% chance of having an unaffected child with normal hemoglobin.
50% chance of having a child who also is a carrier.
25% chance of having a child with sickle cell anemia.

With each pregnancy, one person with sickle cell trait has:
50% chance of having an unaffected child with normal hemoglobin.
50% chance of having a child who also is a carrier.

The disease is so terrible, that during pregnancy you can opt to do a prenatal genetic test to discover if the unborn child has inherited the disease.  Some parents then opt to terminate the pregnancy rather than bear a child with this debilitating condition.

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Black People and Vitamin D Deficiency
The further North you go from Mediterranean to Northern Europe, the less ultra-violet there is. Vitamin D is one of our essential nutrients, and we depend on the sunshine to make it. If you do not make enough it can result in many illnesses and diseases.  Dark skin pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin and Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent among Africans living in colder climates, much more so than any other ethnic group.  Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a number of illnesses including prostate cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Recent studies have also shown that low levels of vitamin D in the blood seems to contribute to a weak immune system and insomnia.

If you have a dark to black skin, the following illnesses can result from living in the Northern hemisphere:

1. Turkey spine
2. Skin disease
3. Bone disease
4. Ricketts
5. Soft Bone Disease during pregnancy
6. Increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections, as Vitamin D is needed to make compounds to destroy bacteria.

Mongoloids: represent the different Asians in Asia:

Body Build:  Light Build
Skin:  Light white to brown
Head Hair:  Majority have straight black hair, some have dark brown hair
Head:  Broad, forehead well rounded
Eyes:  Some Asians have epicanthic folds which give a slanting appearance, eye color brown
Chin:  Well developed
Body hair:  Do not have abundant body hair like the Caucasoid
Nose:  Sometimes broad sometimes narrow

The image represents the western areas Caucasoids originated from.

Map of Caucasian Region

Physical characteristics representing the Caucasoid group:

Body Build:  Medium to tall stature, thin to well built
Caucasoids:  Divided into four subgroups
European:  skin: White to light brown, hair: blond, black, eyes: brown, blue.
Middle Eastern:  skin: white to brown, eyes:  brown, hair: black to brown.
Indians in India:  skin: white, black to brown, eyes: brown,
Ethiopians in North Africa:  skin: black, eyes: brown, hair: black to brown
Head: Mostly broad, the head shape can change as we get older.
Chin:  Well developed
Body hair: Compared with other races some Caucasoids have a lot of body hair
Nose: Usually long and high ridged and of various shapes.

Caucasian Noses
Eyes:  Brown eyes are the oldest and most prominent eye color of Caucasians, however, blue, green and gray eyes are now in existence and can be traced back to a single common ancestor from the Black Sea region approximately 8,000 years ago.

Blue Eyes started from one European Man

Turns Out All Blue Eyed People Have A Very Weird Thing In Common That Few Realize

50% of Western European Men descended from “One King”
Around 50 percent of all men in Western Europe are descendants of one Bronze Age “king” who generated much of the nobility class which spread throughout Europe, a new genetic study has claimed.

Why Do Some Kids Lose Their Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes?
While only 1 in 5 adults has blue eyes in the United State most babies are born with blue eyes and it changes to hazel or brown generally in the first year of life.  This change is due to the amount of melanin in the body before and after birth.  Your levels of melanin increase after you are born that this changes the pigment of your eye color as well as your hair and skin.  If you have just a small amount of melanin in your iris they will appear blue and will reflect less sunlight than brown or hazel eyes for example.

This melanin pigment also affects your hair color though it is slightly more complex.  There are two types of melanin that determine the color of your hair - eumelanin and pheomelanin.  Research has shown that as you mature the number of eumelanin increases with age and this is what impacts the darkening of many people's hair as they reach puberty.  They are still unclear as to why eumelanin production ramps up with age and further research is exploring theories on this.

White people can have black, brown or blonde hair, gray, brown or blue eyes, their skin can range from light to brown and they can live all over the world and speak many languages. They can also have different cultures but they are all Caucasian, that is white people worldwide are European Caucasians.

White and Jewish Caucasians
The term Caucasian is used to describe people of similar skeletal structure and features, for example, white people can have black, brown or blonde hair, gray, brown or blue eyes, their skin can range from light to brown and they can live all over the world and speak many different languages.  They can also have different cultures, but they are all Caucasian, white people worldwide are Caucasians.

Ashkenazi Jews Genetically European
Studies published in 2013, have contradicted the notion that Jews are descended from people who left Israel and the Middle East approximately 2000 years ago.  These findings have shown that the majority of the population originated from local Europeans who converted to  Judaism.  Historical documents back this up with genetic research including accounts from Jewish historian Flavius Josephus who recounted, about six million Jews were living in the Roman Empire while only 500,000 lived in Judea around AD70.

Caucasus Mountains
The region between Southern Russia and the Northern furthermost part of the Middle East. It is believed by some people that this is where Caucasians came from.  The majority of whites, Jews and Arabs know little to nothing about their Ice Age ancestors.  The media rarely or never show documentaries on Ice Age Caucasoid culture.  It is easy to exploit people when they do not understand race.

  Caucasoids  Differents between European Caucasian and Middle East People.
Many people are led to believe the people in the Middle East are black. The bulk of the population is just as white as Europeans while others are brown.  The bulk of the Middle Eastern Caucasians has brown eyes whereas many Europeans Caucasians have blue eyes and many have the blood hair genes and have distinctive European features.

A fascinating discovery by geneticists in Switzerland is that up to 70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen. The same racial group but different cultures.

The surprising ancestry of ancient Egyptians: First ever genome study of mummies reveals they were more Turkish and European than African.


Who Is White of the Caucasian People?
I hear some people say that the Greeks are not white, that the Italians are not white.  White is a word which has been used to describe European light skinned people with Caucasian features.  It is not a label that I am happy with.  I am sorry to say, this is a name that most people know because we are forced to use it.  We need to unite people who are caucasian, light skinned from all over the world.  Europe was called Europe because it was the Christian controlled region, and the areas of the Middle East have been called that, because of the religion of Islam.  If today, the Middle East was not Muslim, but instead Christian, it might have been grouped as a part of Europe a long time ago.  There are many people who live outside Europe who looks like Europeans and are also Caucasians, who we should include as part of the European people.

The following videos give some good examples of people in the Middle East, Mexico, Central Asia, who consider themselves as white or are not conscious of being white and a part of the European Diaspora.

Many people think that all mexicans are short and brown and do not know that  Northern Mexico is 80% European,


Are Arabs White Caucasians?

DNA Evidence Provides Proof Egypt Was Founded By Europeans

DNA Evidence Provides Proof Egypt Was Founded By Central ...


We are trying to unite European light skinned caucasian people worldwide.  We have a problem, Europeans are referred to as Europeans in Europe, and light skinned to light to brown Caucasians in the Middle East and North Africa are referred to as Asian or Arabic people.  The light skinned Caucasian people of India may refer to themselves as Indians and the Arabic Caucasians of Western China may refer to themselves as Uyghur's.

European Caucasian people worldwide have to start realizing that Europe is the land of their ancestors and many Caucasians have only lived in places like Australia, South Africa, North and South America for a short few hundred or so years. 

We must begin to truly think of Europe as sacred ground; it is the land and the blood of our ancestors.

There are many people who are not happy with the term "whites"; we feel there needs to be another name under which all the Caucasian people of the world are grouped. We call them "European Caucasians," all Caucasians from Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, North India etc. Europeans should be proud of their ancestors who painted in caves and on cliffs in Europe.

Europeans Have a Pure Ancestry
European Caucasians are not a construct, and the majority of European Caucasians are not racially mixed.  They have a pure ancestry going back thousands of years to the beginning of European Caucasians.  So-called Governments, including false Jews and traitor gentiles, like to promote Europeans as a race which does not exist, and they advocate it in order to excuse their extermination of Europeans through genocide interracial marriage and mass Third World Immigration into European countries.  At the same time, they are also exterminating their own Jewish people as interracial marriage has now become the norm due to social media and globalization. 

It is impossible to create a message for one group of people without it trickling through the internet to all countries, cultures, and individuals. During the 1970s very few Jews married outside the Jewish community.  Because false Jews have been promoting interracial marriages, now approximately 60% of Jews in the United States now marry outside the Jewish community and some marriages between Jews and Muslims occur each year in Israel. 

In an interesting article by Dan Dare, he refers to a book written by Stephen Oppenheimer in which the subject of the origins of the British is examined in detail.  Mr. Dare writes, "I have recently finished Stephen Oppenheimer’s new book 'The Origins of the British: A Genetic Detective Story', and found it a very interesting read."

Oppenheimer uses the latest available genetic data from Britain and the rest of Europe, together with a fresh look at the standard historical accounts and paleo-archaeological sources to reach a number of startling conclusions that the Europeans Caucasians are natives to Europe.

Amongst these are:

•  The great bulk of the present population of Western Europe consists of descendants of Upper-Palaeolithic and Mesolithic hunter-gatherers who emerged from the Franco-Iberian and Italo-Balkan refugia following the last glacial maximum.  No real big news there, just another nail in the coffin of the ‘Aryan Invasion Myth’.

•  The original UP, re-colonisation of what is now the British Isles, consisted entirely of people from the Franco-Iberian refugia, who moved up the Western coastal regions.

Mr. Dare's informed article suggests the bulk of the European population are natives to Europe.

False Jews

False Jews promote that Jews are a separate race and they are better than other groups.  The sad fact is, some Jewish people believe this, and it has led to the attitude they are different to the rest of the European and Arab Caucasians people.  The elite false Jewish oligarchs of the Jewish community are in the process of flooding European countries with non-Europeans, and promoting inter- racial marriage between the different racial groups, which means, Europeans will become extinct because all their homeland countries will be overwhelmed with 3rd world populations who are not indigenous to these regions.  

The majority of Jews did not come from Israel.  They are European Caucasians with the majority from Europe, and some came from the Middle East or the Khazar tribes in Southern Russia.  Many Jews have blue eyes and blonde hair, who's origins originated in Europe, so this attitude that they are "different" to the rest of Europe, has resulted in them being behind this campaign of multiculturalism.

Only a small handful of false Jews who have tremendous influence in banking and media and have control over some major Jewish organizations as well as some non-Jews are the real promoters of the multicultural society and world government.  It is important to remember that many Jews are proud to be Europeans or whites, Americans, Australians, Germans etc and do not want a multi-racial society but have taken the blame from those who think that all Jews are involved in Western destruction. Many people think that royal families of Europe are aware of this agenda, including the British and Dutch royals.  Not all members of these families are involved but definitely, the main branches are silent when it comes to the push for a multicultural society.  This is a good indicator that they are aware and involved.

European Caucasians of the Jewish Faith

It is estimated that over 80% of Jews are actually Europeans and many have blue eyes, blonde hair and European facial features which only originated from cold climates.  Regardless of this most Jews are indoctrinated from birth into believing that they are a distinct race separate from their European brothers and sisters.  It is a belief that was started by the false Jews and anti-Semitic Zionists, ie. that they are different to all others and while there is a classical "Jewish" look held by some Jews due to the strong breeding within only Jewish families, most people of Jewish descent look no different to Europeans. This is a dangerous agenda which you can see has had grave consequences when you look at historical case studies where similar attitudes of "difference" are fostered. The Japanese are the same race as Chinese and were indoctrinated from birth and during the Second World War, that they were different from the Chinese.  This attitude resulted in the systemic killing and eradication of many innocent Chinese civilians and we need to ensure that this attitude of difference is stopped as it is now in the process of destroying Europe and the Europeans.  

Many Jews have been converted to the Jewish faith over the centuries and it is worth remembering that during the time of the ice age there were no Jews anywhere on earth.  The Jewish belief and faith has simply been invented over the centuries and used as a kind of class warfare against other groups to gain money and power by a small group.
Shlomo Sand Headshot The Inventions of the Jewish People. 

Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand is challenging notions of a Jewish people quoted in his new book, "those who claim to be all of the Jewish people cannot claim a blood connection with the original Jewish inhabitants of the holy land, but converts along the way."

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Shlomo Sand - The invention of the Jewish People  

Jewish language

"The modern Hebrew language being a European hybrid......also is known to have copied Arabic words and Arabic roots to make up new "Hebrew" neologisms and calques."

There is scholarly view that goes beyond what even the famous linguist Ghil'ad Zuckerman States 

"that "modern Hebrew" is simply a form of Yiddish (Yiddish be an Indo-European Language) with some new made-up "Hebrew" neologism (often from Arabic) sprinkled in."

 Useful Videos

Shlomo Sand: Challenging Notions of a Jewish People  
Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand talks up the ideas of his new book, The Invention of the Jewish People.

The Truth Hurts: Jews Admit They Are Not The Jews Of The Bible
The following video reveals that these people are not the Jews of the bible.

Shlomo Sand: 'There are Israeli, not Jewish people'
Jews living in Tel Aviv, New York or Moscow do not share the same secular practices and language and thus cannot be called one people, says Professor Shlomo Sand.

Disclaimer:  Images used in this article are courtesy of and National Youth Front. Map created by Estelle Schutte, taken from Davidiy, "The Khazars. Tribe 13"

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